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TWoP Tubey Awards

Yes, I know I'm promoting TWoP, but it's for Jason, so that's my justification.

Just a heads-up, Jason is nominated in quite a few categories (admittedly three negative categories *, but every positive one he can be, he is nominated in), so when you can vote, if you're a member go and vote. Here is the forum with the thread nominations and here are his categories:

Favorite Character: Logan Echolls

Favorite Relationship: Dick & Logan
- Logan Echolls & Veronica Mars

Favorite Actor: Dohring, Jason

Best Chemistry: Veronica Mars & Logan Echolls

Best Bad Ass: Logan Echolls

Most Redemptive Character in an Otherwise Sucky Show: Logan Echolls (hee, Keith was the only other VM character mentioned)

Best One-Liner: "...someday." (Logan Echolls) (Love this personally!)

Best Hell Yeah! Moment: Logan beats up Gory
- Logan beats up Piz
- Logan gets himself thrown in jail

(Note, the only other VM entry was Parker screaming rape in ep 9. I loved that the majority were Logan, hee!)

Biggest WTF Moment: Veronica breaks up with Logan. Again.

Best HoYay! Moment Mercer admits he'd want Logan to be his boyfriend if he swung that way.
- Sheriff Lamb yells at Logan "Hey, good-looking, we'll be back to pick you up later," and drives away with Weevil.

(Note: These are the only two hoyay moments from VM, and both involve Logan as the object of lust, hah! FYI: Hoyay! -- if you don't know, stands for, Homosexuality Yay!)

Best Tearjerker: Logan breaks up with Veronica and Veronica cries in the shower.

Most Ludicrous Plotline: Logan slept with Madison

I find it interesting that when Logan broke up with her, the reaction was "best tearjerker" because it showed genuine emotion on both sides. But when Veronica broke up with him. Again. it's in the "Biggest WTF" category because it was just so, yeah, see last category ...

* Obviously, I didn't list the three negative categories.
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