Arabian (arabian) wrote,

Stupid Walmart!

My sister finally agreed to watch Friday Night Lights thinking that I had it on DVD. Well, I didn't, but eh, it was the push I needed to buy it. So we're going to the movies tonight (Sunshine with the oh so pretty Cillian Murphy) and I decided I'd surprise her and get FNL at Walmart (3 mins from where I live) for her to watch.

Well, I got to Walmart and they had some stupid Walmart Exclusive, two-part DVDs. There's FNL, Season One-First Half, a DVD set for $10.96 and then FNL, Season One-Second Half, a second DVD set for $10.96. So, (a) it's annoying because it's not a frickin' complete set, (b) it's annoying because combined it's more expensive than the supposed-to-be-great deal of $19.99 and (c) they have the old cover on one with Tim/Lyla kissing (and eww!), and then the second half has different pictures and whaddya know? NO LANDRY!!! Ugh, ugh, ugh!!!

I'm trying to get sis to stop at Target, but I doubt she will. It just really sucks, because she probably would have started it tomorrow with hubby (day off) and I would have gotten them both hooked. Arrrgghhh! Stupid Walmart!
Tags: friday night lights, rant, tv

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