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TV-Related Triva Answers

Here are the answers with explanation.

1. Where did the term "shipper" originate?

The X-Files - the fandom split off into three sections as the show went on. The first group did not want a relationship between Mulder/Scully; they called themselves "noromos" short for "no romance." The second group were those who DID want a relationship; they called themselves "relationshippers" which eventually was shortened to "shippers" and the term "ship" now applies to rooting for couples. The third group didn't care about the status of the Mulder/Scully relationship.

Guessed by depudor, leucocrystal and hiddeneloise.

2. What actress did producer Joel Silver want to play Trina Echolls on Veronica Mars?

Tara Reid -- and I may not like her, but for this role, I agree 100%.

Guessed by depudor and hiddeneloise.

3. What role did this West Wing actress originally audition for on West Wing? (You have to guess the name of the actress too, I tried to clarify the question a bit.)

Okay, despite my clarification, this still didn't quite work and, uhm, depudor made it clear that there was actually more to the story than I knew. I was thinking specifically of Janel Moloney auditioning for the role of C.J. Cregg.

Guessed (and further embellished) by depudor and hiddeneloise.

4. What are three significant changes that Rob Thomas made before the VM pilot was shot?

Both depudor and hiddeneloise sorta referenced one of them, and depudor mentioned two others, but I personally didn't feel those two were that significant, so those weren't what I was thinking of. The three were:

1.) Instead of just an 09er jerk, Logan was made into Lilly's boyfriend and one of the fab four.
2.) Veronica and Keith had a troubled, antagonistic relationship.
3.) The lead character was originally supposed to be a male.

Guessed partly by depudor and hiddeneloise.

5. What is Chris Carter's nickname in fandom?

His nickname in college was indeed 'Carver' (guessed by depudor), but I was thinking specifically of his nickname in the die-hard fandom which was Chris "Messer of Heads" Carter.

6. What scene in Buffy the Vampire Slayer caused such a reaction on the Bronze message board that a producer (or writer) of the show posted in response on that board that no romantic implication was remotely intended by said scene?

Yes, depudor it was Buffy/Xander, but no one actually said them or guessed the scene. In the opening Angel-narration of "Passion," we saw Xander and Buffy dancing at the Bronze. This kicked up a flurry of discussion over what it meant and since Angel was evil, would the show be pairing Xander and Buffy? (And this reaction, I'm convinced, came about because DAMNIT!!!! Nicholas Brendon and Sarah Michelle Gellar had kick-ass chemistry that was NEVER explored!!!! Ahem.)

7. What significant change was made in The X-Files pilot after it was shot?

Scully had a boyfriend named Ethan and that footage was cut.

Guessed by depudor and leucocrystal.

8. The exec producer read Matt Roush's lament about his show's cancellation to cast and crew on the final day of shooting of what show?

Sniff, sniff. Farscape. The reading of it is actually on one of the 4th DVD sets. (I'm not sure if it's on all of the versions, but it's on mine.)

9. What is the origin of "bitca?"

I honestly thought more would get this. Or it could be just that I'm still obsessed with this bit from the show. (Well, this and "I didn't jump. I took a tiny step and there conclusions were." and "Bored now.") Anyhoo, from Buffy the Vampire Slayer:
Willow: Why else would she be acting like such a B-I-T-C-H?
Giles: I think we're a little old to be spelling things out, Willow.
Xander: A Bitca?

Guessed by marikenobi, leucocrystal (at least the show) and hiddeneloise.

10. What actor appeared as (perhaps) the devil in the final episodes of Joan of Arcadia?

Wentworth Miller, now of Prison Break.

Guessed by depudor (and compared to S1, yeah it did) and hiddeneloise (even if his name escaped her).

I might do another one, if I can think of more questions. Thanks to all for participating. :)

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