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02-12 Battlestar Galactica (01/13/06) (I love this show!)

I'm just so in the minority in not getting the Lee love. Sigh. I actully was pretty disappointed in this episode and the Lee aspect was rather at the heart of it. It had a lot of great moments, duh, it's BSG, but I was a little underwhelmed. And sadly, I really felt that the 'Lee in space' story was so extraneous and hurt the flow of the episode. What was the point? It distracted from the main story and had no consequences (although I'm sure that his "wanting to die" thing will come back). Just annoying. I do think that could have been a really strong story, but instead it seemed more like unnecessary filter in what should have been a bigger episode. Two-parters normally kick beyond booty on this show.

Michelle Forbes! Ah, why must she die in my new shows?!?!? I've loved her since her days as Sonni/Solita on Guiding Light and she NEVER disappoints. That scene with her and Kara where Kara is supposed to "shoot her in the head," was awesome. I was watching with a friend and after the scene I told her that Cain was going to call her murder off because she knew exactly what was going on with Kara. She's that smart and Forbes is THAT good of an actress that you could read that in her performance. My friend wasn't so sure, but when she called off the Adamas assasination, my friend agreed with me. Ah well, too bad Cain had to die.

And as always, Katee Sackoff rocked. I love Starbuck so much, she's my female equivalent of SuperJack! I call her SuperKara! And I didn't have a problem with her eulogy for Cain and I understand where the emotion and thought was coming from. After all, as far as we know, she doesn't know about the civilian/former XO stories, right? All she sees and knows is that there is this totally kick-ass admirable who is everything that Kara (thinks she) aspires to be.

I love Roslin/Adamas -- they have such a sweet chemistry. I was never a Mary McDonnel fan, but this show has turned me into one. Awesome. And Gaius and Six/Gina (?) -- James Callis is such an amazing actor. I heart him so and will forever cherish my hope for a Gaius/Starbuck pairing. (I know, I know!) But I do like the idea of Gaius/Gina. Sick, I know, but Callis sells it like nobody's business.

Ah, even for a subpar episode (in my opinion), this show still kicks ass! I love it, I'm so glad I started watching it.
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