Arabian (arabian) wrote,

TV-Related Trivia

Just for fun, here is some TV-related trivia from some of my favorite TV shows ever.

1. Where did the term "shipper" originate?

2. What actress did producer Joel Silver want to play Trina Echolls on Veronica Mars?

3. What role did this West Wing actress originally audition for on West Wing? (You have to guess the name of the actress too, I tried to clarify the question a bit.)

4. What are three significant changes that Rob Thomas made before the VM pilot was shot?

5. What is Chris Carter's nickname in fandom?

6. What scene in Buffy the Vampire Slayer caused such a reaction on the Bronze message board that a producer (or writer) of the show posted in response on that board that no romantic implication was remotely intended by said scene?

7. What significant change was made in The X-Files pilot after it was shot?

8. The exec producer read Matt Roush's lament about his show's cancellation to cast and crew on the final day of shooting of what show?

9. What is the origin of "bitca?"

10. What actor appeared as (perhaps) the devil in the final episodes of Joan of Arcadia?

ETA: I'll put the answers up on Friday night or Saturday morning, so if anyone else wants to take a guess before then, go for it.
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