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Luke and Noah on ATWT

So I've been watching soaps for forever and am now watching 'As the World Turns.' I'm watching it mostly for an actress I know and think is awesome, but there are a couple of stories I like as well, including the Luke/Noah story, which I'm still surprised is airing as it is. Quick recap: Luke is an openly gay dude in his late teens; Noah is a guy who is just discovering that maybe he's gay too (or at least bi). What is so shocking -- and, yes, it is shocking that in this day and age, it's still shocking! -- is that they are doing this Luke/Noah story as if it were a "traditional" soap love story, but with two guys. We're getting the meaty storyline, the conflict, the triangle, the longing glances, and their first kiss (embedded below) was done in total traditional soap fashion. And it helps that (a) the actors have chemistry and (b) their both good actors, with one of them (Van Hansis, Luke -- the blonde) being exceptional, a truly, truly natural, organic actor who's always on.

Anyhoo, I just thought I'd see if anyone else on my flist is watching or maybe someone will start watching because of this story. (I really don't want to see soaps die out and it's looking more and more likely, so anything I can do to help ....)

If anyone is interested, this youtube poster (LukeVanFan) actually has their storyline up and available to watch, if anyone is interested in the backstory, here it is:
Tags: as the world turns, nuke, tv

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