Arabian (arabian) wrote,

'The Constant Gardener' is a Magnificent Film

Ralph Fiennes is my favorite actor and I wanted very much to see TGC while it played in theaters due to him and the wonderful reviews, but it just never happened. Well, I got it yesterday and watched it. The film was so absorbing, so compelling.

Rachel Weisz was as wonderful as I've heard, she was the light and heart of the film. Ralph Fiennes was his usual amazingly excellent self and I'm so frustrated that he hasn't been getting the critical noms. He completely and absolutely deserves them. He was the mind and soul, the nobility and the grounding of the film. If viewers didn't buy his love for Tessa, they wouldn't buy the film.

Just a beautifully made film, I cried the last ten minutes and was just overwhelmed. I love watching a film that shows exactly WHY movies should be made. The Constant Gardener definitely falls into that category.
Tags: movies, ralph fiennes, reviews

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