Arabian (arabian) wrote,

Disturbing SYTCD Spoiler

Okay, honestly I only read the spoiler one place and, well, I didn't actually read it, I just picked up the vibe of it from random comments to it. I just wanted to post my new icon, hee!!

Neil might be stuck with Lauren again next week. If this happens, there goes my heart plummeting all the way to the floor .................... And it could happen. After all, didn't Benji and Donyelle dance together again in the top 6 last year? (Or was that -- pretty, pretty please!! -- the top four?)

Aside from the fact that I REALLY want to see Neil and Sabra together (and have since I saw them dancing together a little in one of the opening bits a while back), I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY ** can not stress this enough!!!!!!!!!!** REALLY do not want to see him stuck with Lauren AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!


It's been picked up at TWoP, but it's still stemming from the original rumor I read. And yeah, Allison and Ivan were repaired after being split up, so it is possible. I know it's not legit anywhere yet, but I'm pretty convinced this is true because I sooooo don't want it to be. It's pretty obvious (and based on the 'of course' tenor in posts about L/N) that the two don't like one another, after dancing together for all those weeks, they still had no connection, so yeah, this is pretty much the death knell for both of them. Ah well. It just sucks because I really do think that Neil HAS been tarnished with Lauren's awfulness. It's bad enough they've propped this person up soooo much, but the fact that it's brought another dancer down is what disgusts me so much.

Damnit. I know a lot of people want to see Lacey/Pasha and Danny/Sabra, but since those are in all likelihood the final four, they'll get that chance in the top four. I really, really, REALLY wanted to see Neil/Sabra dance together and it SUCKS that the last night I'll see Neil is when he's dancing with Lauren. UGH!!!!!!!!!
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