Arabian (arabian) wrote,

Big Brother Tonight

I love Jameka.

She's been my favorite for a while, but tonight just confirmed it. Yeah, yeah, the whole God has more important things to do argument, but I don't think that is what her belief was. God is omnipotent and if you truly believe in Him than you believe that and so, yes, you can wholeheartedly believe that he cares about what ping-pong ball is pulled out while he's doing bigger, more important stuff elsewhere ... because he's omnipotent. I just loved that she stayed true to her word.

This is the first time in all of my year's of reality TV watching (strategy-style) other than the fabulous Aitu Four where they player stayed true to their word and I appreciate that so damn much.

So, once more for the road. I love Jameka.
Tags: tv

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