Arabian (arabian) wrote,

Jason Dohring Board

Just a heads-up ... I set up a JD board - -- about a month ago and we're slowly starting to build up. We've got some great people there, some interesting posts and some spoilers* and stuff that you can't find elsewhere. So if you're a JD fan, check it out.

* Because of the nature of spoilers and their sources nowadays, the mods and I have decided that it would be best were the ADC Spoiler Forum available only to posting members, so we at least have some level of knowledge. Now, it's not going to be some big, high-falutin' adventure to get into the forum. If you're an ezboard member already, just post and voila you're a member and within 24 hours (or sooner), I'll add you to the spoiler forum. If you're not an ezboard member, just sign up (either global or local to this board) and post and voila, you're a member and within 24 hours (or sooner), I'll add you to the forum.

NOTE: JD-related, I will respond to the last post's comments, but I just got home and have to get to bed. I'm not ignoring anyone.
Tags: jason dohring, jdboard

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