Arabian (arabian) wrote,

Hell's Kitchen Tonight

Thoughts behind the cut.

I didn't watch first season, so I don't know, but I think that was the first time that when Chef Ramsey cut someone, he didn't have anything negative to say. I wanted it to be Rock -- who is SUCH an ass! -- but when Chef said it was hard personally and he kept hedging and kept saying it was hard, I knew it was Julia because he clearly liked her as much as I did. I LOVED what he said though, how sweet he was in asking her to take the jacket off and then telling her that he would personally send her to culinary school, telling her he was proud of her and hugging her. It was beautiful. I loved it.

And it would be SOOOO awesome if a few seasons down the road, Julia DID come back and take it all. As for Josh, eh, I wasn't surprised. And it was lovely seeing Heather again. I loved her last season, so it was nice seeing her again. For the final three ...

Unless Bonnie is SHOCKING!, it will be a Rock/Jen final two and I think Jen will take it. Which is cool with me. I actually like, I know!, Bonnie the most of the three, but I like Jen a lot too. As long as Rock doesn't take it, I'll be happy, but since a girl won last time, they might give the edge to Rock. Which would suck.

To end this on a happier note, although I'm bummed that Julia went, that was a lovely exit and I can at least be happy with that.
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