Arabian (arabian) wrote,

Reality TV Cast-offs (Big Brother/SYTYCD)

I was likely the only person on the planet who watches BB and loved Joe, so needless to say I was quite, quite, QUITE upset that I lost him. Sigh. Funny thing is, after Joe, Dustin was my fave, so I was glad that Dusting ended it on such a graceful note. Ah Joe, I shall miss you.

As for SYTYCD -- well, I'm thinking that the 'number for the tour' voting strategy is not so because the Hummingbird routine that Hok did was one of the biggest standouts this season. I'm bummed, I loved him. I'm annoyed about Lauren sticking around because I HATE her, but I admit I thought that she did a wonderful solo, kinda surprised me actually. Now, I just can't wait to see how brightly my Neil shines (he and Dom are the only guys I still like) without her dragging him down.
Tags: sytycd, tv

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