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Farscape Webisodes and Browder's New Project

Sci-Fi will be doing a series of short (like a few minutes short) webisodes of Farscape. No cast has been signed yet, but Ben Browder and Claudia Black have worked recently with Sci-Fi with Stargate S-1. In addition, according to Mo Ryan here:
Browder has another project to keep him occupied, at least part of the time: Sci Fi also announced that it had picked up “Going Homer,” a miniseries he developed with “Farscape” director Andrew Prowse.

Here’s Sci Fi’s description of the project: “Greek and Roman deities walk among us, but only 12 year old Homer Ulysses Jones can see them for what they truly are. When Homer and his father are forced to flee a custody battle that would likely separate them, they journey from Los Angeles to the home of their ancestors – in Ithaca, N.Y. As they travel through the heart of Americana, Homer’s eyes will be opened to a mystical landscape of capricious Gods; some will help our heroes, some will divert them and others will try to kill them to prevent them from reaching their ultimate goal – home.”

“We’re really in early days,” with that project, Stern said. “We’ve bought the concept we’re going to be attaching a writer to work with him and we’re going to see where it’s going to go. It’s probably going to be a 6-hour miniseries. He and his partner have a full on story and an outline of where they want to go,” but the script has yet to be written, so there’s no projected air date for the miniseries.
I think it sounds mighty interesting and I loved Browder's work on Farscape and anyone who had anything to do with the wonder of Farscape (Prowse) is a-okay in my book.
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