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I reference upcoming sides -- SPOILER ALERT!

  • Veronica - Troy - 4 episodes (admittedly, they broke up at the end of the 4th)

    Veronica - Leo - 5 episodes (admittedly, they broke up at the end of the 5th)

  • Veronica - Duncan - 10 episodes (still going strong!)

  • Logan - Caitlin - Ooh, only one episode

  • Logan - Kendall - 5 episodes (as far as we know, still going strong)

  • Logan - Hannah (based on sides - 3 episodes (and from what we know of the 3rd, still going in ep 16, which brings it to 4)

    I understand the stupid studio belief that separating THE couple and having others involved on the on/off periods is the way to go. However, generally when that's done it's after a strong ON foundation has been laid, not one that had the couple happy for an episode and an half and even during that episode and a half, there were moments of weakness, lots of them.

    This is just ridiculous. The LoVe fans are being given NOTHING! ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ... FIFTEEN FUCKING EPISODES INTO THE SEASON!!! NOTHING!!!! While Logan is with Kendall (and Hannah), Veronica is with Duncan and viewers get a few glimpses of Logan and Veronica in scenes together being cold and/or fighting.

    This just sucks.
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