Arabian (arabian) wrote,

Yippee!! 'Boston Legal' casting!!

Casting spoilers below the cut ... As I suspected, Christian Clemenson has been made a full cast member starting next season on Boston Legal, so WOOHOO!! Also, as much as I like the actors, they didn't work for different reasons anymore on BL, so I'm glad that Julie Bowen (Denise), Mark Valley (Brad) and Constance Zimmer (Claire) are gone. Sadly, Rene Auberjonois was also listed as not having his contract renewed, but sources say that both MV (my favorite of the three listed in the sentence above) and RA will be in multiple episodes. So yay to that. Finally, among new cast highers, John Larroquette (who is THE awesome) and the lovely Saffron Burrows, who I've adored forever. So woohoo! I'm looking forward to Boston Legal next season indeed!!
Tags: boston legal, christian clemenson, tv

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