Arabian (arabian) wrote,

Now, I'm Excited about the US "Life on Mars"

I really, really, REALLY like both actors cast as the leads.

Jason O'Mara is playing Sam. I know him from In Justice a short-lived ABC show where he co-starred with Kyle MacLachlan. He's gorgeous, charming, charismatic and can act. Yay. And the female lead (Annie) is played by Rachelle LeFevre, who I first saw as Marjorie on the 2nd episode of Veronica Mars, season 3 ("My Big Fat Greek Rush Week"). I really, really liked her in that role. Then I saw her in a multi-episode arc on The Class and I liked her there too, so I'm really looking forward to seeing the both of them. Good, likable casting, in my opinion (based on the three eps of the British LoM I saw, I think they fit the characters as well).
Tags: tv

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