Arabian (arabian) wrote,

SYTYCD Results

I get that people are outraged and all by what happened, but I can't muster much at this point because it hasn't been renewed since my outraged frustration over Cedric being kept on over both my beloved Ricky and Jimmy last week.

Anyhoo, thoughts on last night's elim .

I like Neil, I admit it and he made more of an impact on me than did Jesus, who I liked, but I liked Neil better. So I'm glad he's safe, I really thought he'd be the one gone. Lauryn? Can go. Yesterday, last week, before the top twenty. I honestly think the problem in their partnering is her, not him. There is something SO stand-offish about her and I think that affects the performance. Gee, Nigel, maybe Neil was overselling it the night before to make up for her lack of sell-age, period.

Sadly, I'm not surprised by Cedric. After that speech last night? Of course, he's safe. America. Sigh. But the ultimate fault lies with the lame-ass judges. They messed up last week by keeping him over Jimmy (and his outstanding solo) and even more so the week before by getting rid of RICKY!! and the most so by putting a one-trick pony (no matter how well he does his one-trick) through, especially based on even the little we saw of the other dances he did in the prelim round.
Tags: sytycd, tv

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