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Kelly Clarkson's new album: My December

I did listen to the leaked stuff, but since it's officially out now, I thought I'd post my thoughts. I picked the CD up at midnight at Walmart because I am obsessed. LOL!

Thoughts on each song and over alll .

There are only two songs I don't like (and I like their bridges), about two songs I like, and the rest is a mix between love and adore.

I really like Kelly writing with Aben Eubanks. My faves in order so far --

1. Sober - totally number one. I love this so, so, so, so much and have listened to it by far more than any other. In fact, this one has passed Walk Away and Breakaway to rest behind MI as my 2nd favorite Kelly song.

2. How I Feel - I LOVE the arrangement. Just love it. I also love the juxtaposition of the bouncy, happy music paired with the incredibly depressing lyrics. Sometimes that doesn't work. It does here. The more I've listened the more it's grown in my opinion, it's just moved up because the juxtaposition is just too sublime and I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE how she sings "curious cat." Hee!

3. Be Still -- I ADORE, ADORE this!!! It's just absolutely beautiful. I love it to bits.

4. Maybe -- Which I've loved since the tour, but hearing recorded? WOW!!

5. Irvine -- Depressing as hell, but so spare and beautiful. And I honestly think this is the best recorded I've ever heard Kelly's voice. WOW!

6. Can I Have A kiss -- The whole hook, feel of it is gorgeous. Adoration, yes indeed. I did think this would be higher when I first heard the clip, but the other five beat it, yet I still adore, adore this one.

7. Not Today (Bonus Pre-ordered I-Tunes Track) -- Really enjoyable, I love the flow and arrangement of this one.

8. Dirty Little Secret (Bonus I-Tunes Track) -- I really, really like this one too. I wish it had been on the album over a few of the other ones. It's really good.

9. Don't Waste Your Time - My favorite fast one. I just love the play on lyrics and the arrangement is great.

10. Haunted -- Is really good, but I still think the bridge between the verses and chorus is too abrupt. May change with repeated listenings.

11. Chivas (Hidden track)-- Really, really playfully bitter. But it's good.

12. Judas -- Really, really like it. But don't love it.

13. Never Again - I like this a lot (it's really catchy), but I don't love it.

14. One Minute -- Like NA, I like it a lot, but I don't love it.

15. Hole - I just don't like this except for the bridge.

16. Yeah - Didn't like this on tour and I still don't like it. The bridge is the only part I like.

Overall, I liked the album, but it IS relentlessly depressing. Sigh. I hope it does well because I do love her. I just wish she would do less of the yelling when singing, she has such a gorgeous voice as "Be Still" and "Irvine" showed without all the yelling. Bottom-line is, I just love her though and will listen to this more than any other CD this year.
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