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Delayed SYTCD thoughts

Brief recap of my thoughts of all eps before last night's:

- Loved Ricky sooooooooooooo much. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO pissed that Cedric was picked over him. Wasn't in love with Jimmy, but really liked him and was pissed anew that Cedric was saved and Jimmy was not. Yes, he's great at what he does but she SHOULD not have been picked over Jimmy AND RICKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Really, really, really pissed over that.

Not a Lacey fan. She did great the first week, but didn't impress as much last week and it didn't help that I've been rewatching S2 eps and even as a non-major Benji fan, I can't help but compare the two and Benji just totally PWNS HER!!!!!!!!!! Sorry. On her own, she does nothing for me, and as Benji's sister, even less.

I love Dominic and Sabra from week two on and they are MY couple now. Love them, love them, love them. I've loved Hok (and Ricky) from day one, so I hope Hok sticks around for quite a while. Shawna blew me away with her solo last week. Faina so should have been kept over Jessi the week before. Arrrgggh.

And sorta-ot, I can't help but compare the ballroom dances to Apolo/Julianne's from DWtS (OMG!!!!!!!! Apolo's joining the DWTS tour for five shows!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't see any, but still ... AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and A/J's are just so superior in my opinion. I'm so frickin' biased it's not even funny!!!

Okay, last night's ...

- I really only enjoyed two routines. Dominic/Sabra. I adore Dominic and I think that Sabra dances like an absolute dream. Hok/Jaime. I don't have the problem with her that most do and thought their routine was really neat. Just lovely. I also love Wade Robson's choreography and him too (I have wonderful Justin Guarini-related memories of him.) Everyone else, but for the Pasha/Jessi drama underwhelmed me pretty completely. Ah well.

- ETA: Will respond to comments later, but I forgot to comment that I was thrilled that at least Mary called Mia out on the fact that she basically choreographed a routine that had less dancing for one of the dancers than any other.
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