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Why I am Surprisingly Content with the VM Finale ...

I watched all of the Logan scenes (well, I skipped a few Logan/Parker scenes) in the final five, including the finale, and while not ecstatically thrilled, I'm pretty durn content with how the show ended in terms of Logan/Veronica.

Gasp! Why? Again, of course, I wasn't happy with the ending. Rob Thomas could have done Veronica/Shithead, Logan/Parker dating over 16/18 even 19, done the fooling around tape in 19, had the ending with them in 20 being the 19 ending and given some closure in 20 (a reverse Logan/Parker break-up scene between Veronica and Shithead with him breaking up with her because she's still in love with Logan would have been awesome). Oh, hell, Shithead could never have existed period. But, considering what I was expecting: No hope, no nothing, no realization from Veronica EVER that SHE belongs with the bad boy because they see the same things the same way. (Like in their fight scene when Logan said "that's how we are." He said "we.") But, glory be, we got that. We got that realization, so I'm very content.

Furthermore, now I do believe that the "I'm a lover, not a fighter" in Welcome Wagon (3.01) and the "I think I do" in knowing what she wants in Show Me the Monkey (3.10) was all about Logan. Yes, after the final five spoilers came out, many of us believed that instead they were neon signs that Veronica is meant to be with Shithead, but after the last two food court scenes, I think it is clear that they were, in fact, about Logan. (And telling that all four took place in the food court.) Veronica said "I think I do" because at that point she still wasn't sure about Logan, the tantalizing idea of a "good guy" was always there in the background for her. Well, these two episodes showed her, the same way that Veronica 1.0 (who was with the "good guy") would have been horrified by the actions of Logan in the food court, this Veronica was turned on by them and, no doubt, the good guy was horrified by her reaction.

She's NOT that girl who belongs with the "good guy" anymore and I finally, finally, FINALLY saw that realization on Veronica's face in that final scene (something I've been waiting for since early season two). Think back to WW and the fight scene, where did Logan get the tool to fight? From Veronica. Veronica 1.0 would have been horrified by Logan going after that guy with a taser, but Veronica 1.0 never would have owned a taser, yet alone calmly handed it to her boyfriend to do with what he (and she) felt was needed. So all along, the seeds HAVE been lain (not very well, I admit) that Logan IS the one for her; she just needed to realize it. Yes, they've been cramming the Logan is a bad boy, Shithead is a good guy down our throats, but I think the reason was made clear in this final episode ... because Veronica BELONGS with the bad boy: Logan. Shithead expecting her to walk away from insults, not fighting on her behalf, followed a few scenes later (in the same locale) by Logan knowing there HAD to be a reason she wasn't standing up for herself to Gory, to beating the crap out of the guy for her because she couldn't do it was the FLASHING, NEON-IN-YOUR-FACE sign that Veronica has desperately needed and by golly!, she finally saw it. And she got it. Halleluja!

I'm not saying this couldn't have been done so much better and that the Veronica/Shithead stuff couldn't have been downplayed, but I did actually clearly see the arc -- good for L/V -- that I think Thomas intended. It was just (yet again) the exposition that bit. I wrote a long post here about what I thought the point of Logan/Parker and Veronica/Shithead was and while my version was more clear and dealt with some more issues that weren't even remotely touched, essentially I do think I got it right in that they both needed to try another relationship to see why they, Logan and Veronica, DO work, so I'm not going to complain. And I'm not going to even complain that we don't get follow-through because I'm sure Rob would have once again mucked it all up were he given the chance. This way it ended with Veronica realizing the "good guy" wasn't for her. The bad boy is the one who gets her and gets TO her. Logan knows exactly where he stands and sure damn as all hell seems happy with that knowledge for the first time in a long time. And since we'll have nothing future to contradict it, I can happily believe -- because the set-up was finally, FINALLY, there for her to reject the good guy and embrace the bad boy -- that Veronica finally got it and that she and Logan would go from there, finally doing it right this time. And we'll have no fourth-season canon full of twists and gotcha's to take it away.

Sure in the past, Veronica's epiphanies haven't stuck, but we rarely have gotten the NEON IN YOUR FACE kind that she got in this episode, and more importantly, we, the viewers can MAKE it stick because Rob can't undo it this time. The show is over. So, for this viewer, that final scene with she and Logan was a more than wide-enough-door open to make it very believable that from here ... IT STICKS and good!
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