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Final 'Veronica Mars'

I didn't watch it, but I discuss what others have and so there are spoilers. I'm not happy, but I'm actually a lot more content than I expected to be based on spoilers. Don't get me wrong, I still think the L/V story from the Madison thing (minus Heather) sucked BIG-TIME, but considering how much it sucked, I'm pretty durn okay with how it ended.

Again, I didn't watch it (haven't watched any of the final five), but from what I'm hearing, I'm as satisfied as possible considering the last five episodes.

Essentially, we got what I wanted with Duncan, and this time Rob can't screw it up by retconning it because he won't being writing any more episodes. Veronica looked at Logan and even though she was with the "nice guy" the realization was there for her and "nice guy" that Logan is the one she should be with. Maybe not everyone agrees with that, but enough people read that in the final bit there that I'm more than happy to accept that, because fanfic can happily flow from there. And because of that moment, I'm actually glad she and Shithead didn't break up. If they had, it would have been for some stupid, contrived reason because Rob would NEVER willingly, openly, obviously have Veronica flat-out say what that final scene described, so we never would have gotten that had they broken up. But because of what we did get, it's easy to believe that she and Piz will break up very soon, and eventually Veronica will wind up back with Logan, but based on Logan's attitude ... she actually WILL have to work her ass off to get him back and do a LOT of making up.

So, as horrible as it could have been, I'm content because Logan walked away with dignity. He may not have "love" with Parker, but he wasn't in love with her. She was rebound girl. He appears to have some self-love for the first time in a long time and that is even better. Veronica may be with the "good guy" but clearly he is not the one for her and many felt that the final look after Logan was her realization about that and Shithead realized it too, so, they wouldn't last for too long.

And, again, considering how shitty this has been for the last however long, I am damn pleased with that. And, very, very pleased that Veronica didn't have sex with Shithead, major fooling around sucks, but I don't buy for one second that had Veronica actually done the deed with Shithead, she wouldn't have thrown it in Logan's face at this point. So yay!!!

I may even eventually watch the Logan-non-Parker scenes sometime down the road now.
Tags: logan/veronica, tv, veronica mars

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