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Potential Fall Shows to Watch

Saw the consolidated Upfront new show clips here and made a list of the ones that have my interest. Great reviews and word of mouth may add more to the list or remove some. I will say that I'm giving Pushing Daisies and The Journeyman a shot based on the fact that an actress friend tried out for both and ADORED the scripts, so whether I love the clip or not, I'm trying those two out. (Although, I did like the "PD" clip.)


- Pushing Daisies (Looks interesting and the ads have helped, quirky, hopefully in a good way.)
- Dirty Sexy Money (Peter Krause and Donald Sutherland? Oh yeah.)
- Private Practice (If Chris Lowell is dropped before the premiere. Hey, I can dream.)
- Big Shots (Michael Vartan is the only reason I'm giving this a shot.)
- Women's Murder Club (Angie Harmon owns my soul so I'm watching this. I saw her on L&O for the first time last year and was blown away by her utter awesomeness, and Aubrey Dollar is fabulous. I know her from Guiding Light. The show itself, eh, but with those two? I'm there.)
- Cashmere Mafia (The actresses -- Lucy Liu and Miranda Otto -- got me.)
- Miss/Guided (Judy Greer. Nuff said.)


- Kid Nation (I'm leery, but it COULD be very interesting and amazing.)
- Moonlight (I actually was VERY unimpressed with the clip, but the premise really gets to me, so I'll keep an ear out and maybe give it a shot.
- Viva Laughlin (I admit that I loved Cop Rock and I love Hugh Jackman. I gotta give it a shot, but it may bite.)


- Reaper (This is the first one I had an immediate, positive YES! reaction to. I'm THERE!)


- New Amsterdam (The lead is sexy and intriguing and in the first brief clip ... SMOKIN' chemistry between whom I can only hope are the two leads. I really hope "the one" isn't the chick in the last clip, because, again SMOKIN' chemistry between him and "Eva.")
- The Return of Jezebel (It doesn't look that great, BUT I love Parker Posey and so I have to give it a shot.)
- Canterbury's Law (I didn't expect to like this as I'm not normally a Julianna Margulies fan, but I really liked her in this and the "oceans, rivers, streams, oceans, rivers, streams" I loved.)
- The Sarah Connors Chronicle (I'm not all 'oh no sacrilege' about Terminator so I'm fine with that aspect. I liked the kid playing John, LOVE Summer Glau!! LOVE HER!! Unfortunately, I'm not horribly impressed with the actress playing Sarah and I was never a Linda Hamilton fan, so it's not that factor, but for Summer? I'm so there. I actually saw a longer preview elsewhere that featured more Summer and she was SOOO kick-ass!)


- Journeyman (I love Kevin McKidd -- from Rome -- and I've heard the pilot script was fabulous.)
- Bionic Woman (I liked the clip and Katee Sackhoff is in this, I loved her on BSG.)
- Life (Clip looked interesting).
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