Arabian (arabian) wrote,

Juliette Goglia is AWESOME!!

I loved her as little girl God on Joan of Arcadia, enjoyed her in her recurring role on Desperate Housewives, loved, loved, loved her as Heather opposite Jason Dohring's Logan on Veronica Mars and now she just gave me a new reason to think she totally rocks. I was watching Ugly Betty and saw her name in the credits, but forgot to look for her as the show played out. Well, I decided to rewatch the ending tonight and it hit me! AHA! She's the girl playing Maria ... and considering it sounds like her speaking voice, quite, quite likely SINGING as Maria also in the show's final lines and sounding utterly, hauntingly divine doing so.

Totally awesome. And now I want to hear a whole recorded version of West Side Story with Mark Indelicato (Justin) and Juliette Goglia, never mind that she's white and he's hispanic because they both were just wonderful!
Tags: logan echolls, ugly betty, veronica mars

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