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On a scale of 1 to 10 of hotness, they'd likely reach 100!

While talking to leucocrystal, I just had a happy fantasy that will never come true, but it was a lovely random thought.

I've mentioned in passing that I think it not completely outside the realm of possibility that when Private Practice premieres this fall it will be sans Chris Lowell. The "pilot" got horrible reviews from the vast, vast majority of fans and critics alike and the one almost universal issue that was negatively critiqued was in regards to Lowell and his character (specifically how horribly miscast he was and how horribly unrealistic and stupid his character was). Well, according to this article, ABC wants some retooling done and of the cast only four actors were mentioned specifically as starring (Kate Walsh, Tim Daly, Merrin Dungey and Taye Diggs). True, the quotes mentioned work needed done on exploring the characters, but they're not going to say we're axing so and so right after the upfront. (And yes, I know, Lowell was at the ABC upfront, but I think they had pretty much the whole cast there and I think until after the upfront, they wouldn't want any word that there is a problem with the show as of now. The article came out after the upfront.) Anyhoo, until it's all said and done, I'm hoping Lowell will not be part of the cast when it premieres; that he and his character will be dropped. I really enjoy Walsh (and Daly), but my dislike of Lowell as a performer (and yes, the VM-connection) just will make the show unwatchable for me.

The happy fantasy? Since Grey's people love casting former VM-ers, how awesome would it be if they dropped Lowell and cast Jason Dohring in a new role ... and that role was as young lover to Walsh's Addison (ala Logan to Kendall, but without the adultery and complete lack of emotion and affection). I mean, seriously!! If they had chemistry, Dohring and Walsh would look A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!!!! together. Outstandingly, beautifully, awesomely amazing. I'd buy him as her studpuppy in a heartbeat.

Yes, yes, I know this won't happen, but man the heat between those two (if they had chemistry) would launch JD so completely and he'd be the new McDreamy, no question. I know, I know, won't happen, but tis a lovely fantasy. Just imagining how those two would look together?! WOWZA!!!
Tags: jason dohring, kate walsh

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