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AI results -- the Final Two

American Idol results. I actually wasn't surprised. Go figure.

I spent most of the day thinking for some reason that Jordin was going to go home because as much as I love her and as much as I don't love Blake (he really does NOTHING for me as a performer), I can understand WHY he's top 3 and why people do love him. However, while I love Jordin, I was shocked when I went online for the first time after the top five and saw that Jordin is THE polarizing performer of this season. Some people positively HATE her and those that don't, don't seem to speak up all that much (at least on TWoP and ohnotheydidn't). So, I was kinda thinking she might be going home. Then when Jordin was announced safe (yay!), I thought, oh, okay so Jordin vs. Melinda: Cool.

Now, I admit that yesterday I had briefly thought of the possibility of it being Jordin vs. Blake because as wonderful as Melinda is, she's just so not marketable in this industry today, but it was just a brief thought because as much as I love Jordin, dude, Melinda is soooooooo the best singer left. So when Melinda stepped up, even right until Ryan said that she was done, I still thought, okay, Jordin vs. Melinda. Still, as soon as he said that it was the end of the road for her, instead of being shocked, I immediately though, yup, not surprised. Which is the only thing that did surprise me because I had just accepted that it would be Melinda vs. someone else in the final two from about the semi-finals on. I really thought she was going to go through, but when she didn't, the SECOND it was announced, I was completely unsurprised. Simply because she is so unmarketable in this market today, as I've said earlier. So it wasn't a surprise.

In a way, this is better for her though. AI sucks and sucks the talent and originality out of their winners (and S2 on) runners-up. I have no doubt that Melinda WILL get a deal and that I will buy the album and that it will be damn good. And the difference in her getting/recording this album as not the winner or runner-up is that it is much more likely to be on HER terms, based on HER skills and HER talent, and not on what is "marketable" according to 19Entertainment.

As for the actual final two: I'm happy about Jordin and I hope she wins. If Blake does, I won't be horribly surprised, but I'm rooting for Jordin. I just hope that Kelly performs with Jordin and not Blake because, well, I don't like Blake as a performer and I know that in addition to singing her single (which, sadly, I'm still meh on) Kelly's supposed to perform with one of the finalists. I HOPE it's Jordin, after all, Kelly's flat-out said that Jordin is her favorite this year. But I'm not holding my breath either. I could just easily see them pair Kelly with Blake and Taylor (ugh) with Jordin. Sigh.
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