Arabian (arabian) wrote,

Julianne/Apolo - DWTS tonight

Julianne/Apolo tonight -- more than dancing on the dance floor?

Uhm, so someone on TWoP asked if Julianne and Apolo slightly French-kissed during the Cha Cha, and I rolled my eyes, thinking, as nice as it would be, yeah right. But upon rewatch? Uhm, yeah, it did totally look like there was a touch of tongues in the Cha Cha right after the really cool move with her kicking out, rolling under his arm and then her arm moving around his shoulders with their faces close and close-up right there. It could have been Apolo sticking his tongue out at that point and that's all it was, but I can't say for sure it wasn't more than that.

Dayum. Still, on the other hand, Julianne gave a little smirk right afterward which maybe means it was choreographed to look like it, but they didn't ... but if so? Yeah, the butt-pat in the first number and this? Brother, sister, my ass!!!!!!!!!!!!

Other news, Laila/Maks, overscored. Joey/Kym, overscored for the first number, Ian/Cheryl, overscored for the second number. Julianne/Apolo, underscored for the second number. Come on, Len, they were dancing to PUSH IT! for goodness's sake!! By it's very nature, it HAD to be raunchy!!!
Tags: apolo anton ohno, dancing with the stars, julianne hough, tv

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