Arabian (arabian) wrote,

Christian Clemenson is awesome. This is a fact.

Truly, he is. I knew the actor who played Abel Koontz (on Veronica Mars) was Christian Clemenson because I did episode breakdowns, but it never crossed my mind that I had seen the actor in anything else. Then about three months ago, I happened to be paying attention to the credits while watching Boston Legal -- which I love and watch every week -- and saw CC's name pop up. It registered and I was like "ooh! Abel Koontz is on tonight's episode." So, I watched it and it wasn't until the show was over that I realized I'd missed him. Confused, I went to IMDB and looked his role up on BL and found out that he played Jerry "Hands" Espenson. I was SHOCKED!!! "Hands" has been a recurring character for a while now, and one that I absolutely love. I'm never bored during his scenes; I've always thought the actor was wonderful (but never had looked up his name) and have enjoyed him from his first appearance. I never, ever, EVER connected Abel Koontz and "Hands" as the same actor. EVER. Even now, knowing it's the same actor, I still can't reconcile how different everything about the portrayals are.

To add to this, I rented United 93 about a month after this revelation and whaddya know, CC was in that also ... creating an entirely different "character" and was wonderful. About a week after that, I also rented The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. and CC was a regular on that show, creating yet ANOTHER completely different character. I'm just so utterly wowed by his skill and talent. He truly is one of THE most underappreciated, downright absolutely amazingly talented actors I have ever had the pleasure to watch perform. He's just WOW!
Tags: boston legal, christian clemenson, tv, veronica mars

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