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Dancing with the Stars Thoughts (Performance)

DwtS is getting kinda scary to watch because I love Apolo and Julianne sooo much, that I'm now getting nervous and way too anxious when watching.

First Round ...

- Laila/Maks - Lovely, I smiled and just oohed and aahed during it. I thought they were wonderful and I was happy with the scores.

- John/Edyta - I just love them too. They make me smile and I thought it really was his best performance, his footwork was good and it was just a lovely, enjoyable performance.

- Apolo/Julianne - As soon as Apolo said he wanted them to get the top spot alone, I knew it wasn't going to happen. Every week one of the stars say they want something from the judges (Billy Ray, an 8; Laila, a perfect 30) and they never, ever, ever, ever, EVER get it. It's like a curse, LOL! I enjoyed the performance, it was lovely, BUT it was missing that OOMPH! that accompanied their last two dances. I wasn't surprised by the scores and thought they were fair enough. I also think that because A/J were doing so well, there just had to be a coming down, but I have no doubt that they'll rise again. And I also do think that L/M deserved a higher score. See! I can be unbiased.

- Ian/Cheryl - Further proof, because I/C are not my faves (unlike L/M), I think that Ian and Cheryl did deserve the one point higher score than Apolo/Julianne. I may like A/J better, but this one just had that bit more oomph in their routine tonight that was missing from A/J's Foxtrot.

- Billy Ray/Karina - He may be a horrible dancer, but he really does come across as so dang charming and likable in the pre-dance packages. I adored Karina's outfit. Unfortunately, that was the best part of the routine. Seriously, Billy Ray danced what five seconds of the whole dance? Geez. Len's insane, though. He picks on Apolo for not being perfect, affably rips apart everything Billy Ray did technically and then says he loves him and wants him back. Pfft. At least he didn't get higher scores than John. I do hope he goes tomorrow. I really, really do. Charm gets you so far; he did NOT even dance tonight.

- Joey/Kym - The moves seemed to be technically sound, except -- and this I feel goes to their one big problem -- they were not in sync. That whole apart section, Joey was a second behind almost every move and this goes to that big problem. They simply do not connect. They just do not. They leave me cold. I prefer John and Edyta personally. I do not think they deserved the same score as Laila/Maks and I don't think they deserved a better score than Apolo/Julianne. Tied with A/J would have been fair, I felt.

Second routine ...

- Laila/Maks - Wow, I didn't like the costumes (nor the first ones), disliked the music so much (not their fault) and did not like choreography (their fault). I just didn't feel them like I did the first routine. I didn't agree with the judges at all. Obviously. Technique was wonderful, but this one just didn't move me. Listening to the judges, I knew they'd get a 30, but I just didn't see it. Maybe I need to rewatch it?

- John/Edyta - Sigh, this was my least favorite dance from them in a while and that makes me sad. It just wasn't fun. I did love the compliments the judge gave him, it's about time. I think they all expect he's going tomorrow and wanted him to go out on a high.

- Apolo/Julianne - I agree with Bruno, I think that Len and Carrie-Ann WERE being difficult to be difficult; they were pointing out issues with them and ignoring them in other dancers. It's so unfair! Pout! THAT was the Julianne/Apolo I'm used to seeing. I did enjoy the first routine, but this was glorious. I loved it, loved it, loved it. I clapped at the end. I do love how Bruno always seems to appreciate and love them. I think eolivet had a point in thinking that Len sees Apolo as another Mario, and I just can NOT fathom it. Sigh. The one critique that I will offer that I've seen no one comment on is that as much as I adore him, Apolo DOES tend to look down way too often. Other than that ... Len and Carrie-Ann were on crack. I definitely think this routine (which was clearly harder than Laila and Maks) deserved a better score than L/M.

I will say that, while I agree with Apolo's comment about wanting consistency from the judges, it was probably something he SHOULDN'T have said and Julianne DEFINITELY shouldn't have made that crack about Clyde. But I can't imagine that they aren't frustrated as heck after what happened tonight (and they are young). On one more note, it's got to be getting wearisome for them, that after their last three routines, the judges got into fights over them with Bruno being their only constant supporter.

- Ian/Cheryl - They are better, but I don't think they deserve this much praise. I guess I am getting a little frustrated as the night goes on as the judges are complimenting the wazoo out of EVERYONE ... except for Apolo and Julianne. Just because they're so dang good shouldn't mean that they deserve undeserved crap thrown at them. Ian still has that stiffness and they did not deserve a better score than Apolo/Julianne. Harrumph!

- Billy Ray/Karina - Erm, at least he "danced" this time.

- Joey/Kym - Good, fun routine. They just don't move me at all. I have no emotional reaction to them now at all. They dance and I just don't care. And so lovely how Len gives him credit when they're FINALLY in sync, but fails to point it out when they're horribly out of sync. Of course. Still, great routine.

And yes, I'm BEYOND pissed that Apolo/Julianne are FOURTH out of six couples on the leaderboard. That's just ridiculous. They were better overall than Cheryl/Ian and should have easily been up there with Laila/Maks and Joey/Kym. It should have been Laila/Maks, Apolo/Julianne and then Joey/Kym, but for some reason, Apolo and Julianne were the designated whipping boys tonight. Grrrr.

Should go home - Billy Ray, PLEASE!
Best - Laila/Maks (first round), Apolo/Julianne (second round), Apolo/Julianne (overall, because come on ... it's me!)
Worst - Billy Ray, Billy Ray, Billy Ray
Bottom two probably - John, Billy Ray
Will go home - John likely, sigh.

ETA: I was reading the TWoP thread and it was nice to see that it wasn't just my bias, many, many others thought that Apolo/Julianne were underscored. It's just ridiculous, because it's like they're being judged on a higher standard and that's not fair.
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