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This is not a spoiler for TAR because I just watched the 30 secs of it; it's their location. They're going to GUAM!!!!!!! I lived there for about 15 years on and off!!! GUAM!! I'm gonna recognize everything and I'm so frickin' psyched!!!!!!!!

ETA: Well, that was disappointing that they only showed the military bases -- and D/O were going the non-easy route which would be point A to point B on Marine Drive (unless they've drastically changed the main thoroughfare on Guam in 5 years and I doubt it) -- which are at either end of the island. Still, the previews for next week look like they still might be on Guam so hopefully more of the island itself will be highlighted.

So sad about Danny/Oswald, but I was a little disappointed in that it was one of the legs where you simply COULD NOT make up time. Even if they had not gotten a little lost on the way there, they still wouldn't have made it with the 30 minute penalty. If they're going to do non-elim legs they need to make them fair -- for both those in danger and the other contestants. Therefore, no fast forwards, and no planning where it's all but impossible, barring another team making a MONUMENTAL error, to make up 30 minutes.

Sigh. I can deal with C/M in the final 3, but E/D just make my teeth hurt. Ah well, at least I have no divided loyalty going into the final. The Beauty Queens or Bust!
Tags: the amazing race, tv

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