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Veronica Mars -- Is it the Disconnect? Is that the Problem?

I was talking with a friend in LJ about Veronica Mars. We were discussing the critical praise and wondering if we were missing something because the show just not as good as it was last season. I've written other thoughts on why that is and I've come up with another one: The emotional disconnect of ALL of the characters.

  • Veronica: She says (every now and then) that she is upset about the bus crash, but we haven't really seen it. Ditto her almost complete lack of reaction to her crappy relationship. (The only thing/person she DOES seem to have a reaction to is ... Logan. God, I hope there's a reason for this.)

  • Duncan: The king of disconnection. Boy is nothing BUT disconnect.

  • Logan: He doesn't seem effected by 99% of the shit that happened/is happening to him but for a few random comments. He just goes along his merry way, making snarky comments and throwing his hands in there.

  • Keith: He doesn't seem to care that Alicia broke up with him and the laxness in regards to Veronica overall is just silly now. Aaron almost killed her. Would a year be too short a timeframe for him to lose obsessive need to keep only child safe and protected at all times? Not bloody likely. Especially when their Keith Mars.

  • Dick & Beaver: Neither one seems to care all that much about their dad and what happened (but for Beaver in the episode it came out in).

  • Weevil: No fallout or reference to having nowhere to live. He seems more upset about Felix (which is understandable) than his family being thrown out on the streets. Of all of the characters he is probably the most connected emotionally to what's happening on the show. Of course, aside from Jackie, we've seen him the least and if you take in how much we saw her in her first episodes, she might have had more screentime.

  • Jackie: Eh, who cares.

    And that last bit pretty much sums up the great question as to why the viewers should care ... no one on the show seems to, why should we?
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