Arabian (arabian) wrote,

'The Colbert Report' Tonight! Woohoo!!

I got a special treat tonight on the Colbert, one that I really never expected and I was a little silly in how giddy I was, but hey, there you have it.

So excited to see Stephen Colbert cover Guam because I lived there on and off for 15 years. There were other things about the island that could have been covered, but I just happy to see it covered. And I was like WOOHOO! because I wasn't aware that Madeleine Bordallo was still the rep, and the reason I was all WOOHOO! is because I know her. She was a friend of my mother's and so it was so cool seeing someone that I actually know, have spoken with on multiple occasions who knew my mom on The Colbert Report. Just awesome!!!!

Now, for those who watched it, I did want to say one thing about brown tree snakes. They ARE a huge problem. When I lived on Guam, we not only had power outages 2-4 hours a week, we had SCHEDULED power outages called "load sheddings" to take the pressure off of the power suppliers listed in the newspaper every day. And part of the reason this happened is because brown tree snakes got up in the power lines ALL THE TIME and knocked them out constantly, and helped deteriorate the systems. So the power problems are pretty big on Guam and a lot of those problems revolve around brown tree snakes. So, terrifying they may not be, but they are a menace.

Anyhoo, good ep, but I was just so pysched that not only was Guam covered, but someone I knew was featured (and did a good job too!) that I pretty much concentrated only on that. (And the joy helped make up for Stephanie Colbertle's loss. Sniff, sniff.)
Tags: colbert, tv

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