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Dancing with the Stars (Performance/Results)

I wasn't able to watch DwtS last night because it was lower than a couple of shows on my DVR and I didn't realize that so I had to wait to download it and watch it. It was worth the wait if only for Apolo/Julianne and the group swing number (Apolo/Julianne!, Apolo/Laila!!, Ian/Joey!!!).

Excellent show overall. There was only one performance I could find nothing positive in (sorry, Jonathan, I like you, but Heather so has to go ... oh, wait ... scroll down to the results section of this post) and so was a very happy camper indeed. And, of course, Apolo/Julianne continue to fill me with happy, happy, joy, joy. Alrighty, on with each performance.

- Joey/Kym - They're losing me. They're good, but they just don't connect and when the other top two of the top three (Apolo/Julianne and Laila/Maks) connect so well, it's really glaring. Plus, I can deal with Joey being hammy in hammy routines, but this routine wasn't hammy and then every now and then, he'd break out a hammy face or hammy moves and it distracted. I'd give this a 7/10.

- John/Edyta - I don't care that his footwork isn't perfect; I love them. They make me smile, fill me with joy. I have an absolute blast watching them and I'm sorry, he did okay on the footwork. I was watching his feet, he did a lot of the steps half-way decent. And he's charming and adorable and I'm with Carrie-Ann. "It was cute!" Joey/Kym got 7/10 for technique, dropped down because they don't bring the feeling for me, John/Edyta get the 7/10 because of the feeling of joy they give me and a drop-down because of the technique.

- Laila/Maksim - Very good, very fun, second-best of the night. I think they connect beautifully, my girl-crush remains strong and true for Laila and Maksim is hot and adorable. They have good moves and I like watching them. I give 'em a 9/10.

* I do have one quibble about them, and it's more Maksim as a choreographer. I understand that cues are needed sometimes from the pro for the amateur, but when week after week after week I can clearly read where and what Maks cues are for Laila, he needs to go for more subtlety. I see him make a hand or head motion which clearly telegraphs her next move and it's distracting. I've noticed it all along and I finally had to say something.

- Heather/Jonathan - Not good. She's just not very good. I was bored and entirely unimpressed. No connection, you can see so clearly see her thinking through each move and the lack of grace and yes, clomping, thanks to the fake leg are just distracting. Also, they did a lift at the beginning ... and were not called on it. 4/10.

- Billy Ray/Edyta - I was surprised; I thought Billy Ray did the best job I've seen from him yet. Of course, this isn't saying much, but still, it was okay, although, they too did a lift ... and were not called on it. If it's a rule, mark EVERYONE down for it, not just whom the judges have decided they're not pimping that week. 5/10.

- Apolo/Julianne - Ahhhhhhhhh! LOVE!!!! Tons and tons and tons of love. I love, adore, worship Julianne's choreography and for the first time, I LOVED both costumes! YAY!!! I had no problem with the chair because it was used correctly, it was a prop that helped tell the story and helped sell the sensual romance of it. And I totally got sensual romance from it. Completely. Yes, I find them cute and adorable and delightful, but I really felt they sold the heat this time around. Sexiest routine I've seen this season because unlike the Laila/Maksim from last week, Apolo and Julianne didn't oversell it, the choreography/story sold it and they just felt and delivered that choreography/story beautifully. Brava!! 10/10.

- Ian/Cheryl - He doesn't have it; it's as simple as that. That natural move, flow, rhythm, whatever. He just can not let go when he's competing and it's a mental block that this show doesn't have time for him to overcome. Cheryl looked fabulous though. (Even disliking the bowl cut, that dress was wowza!) 7/10.

- Group Swing - I LOVED THIS!! So very much fun. Apolo and Julianne were delightful (of course) and really sold their section. Laila and Apolo were so frickin' cute, I watched that part about five times and clapped every time and the Joey/Ian fight bit was funny. Loved!

And because I didn't get to this last night, I'm combining the performance/results into one post.

I actually held off watching the announcement of who was going home for about 20 minutes because I wanted to live with the fantasy that John was still in the competition and Heather might be gone for as long as possible. Finally, I broke down and watched it and the whole minute before they announced, I said aloud to myself over and over again (it'll be John, but I so want it to be Heather. John is going home ... please, please, please make it Heather. I love John, I'll miss John, please Heather go home) and then Tom said ... HEATHER WAS GOING HOME!!!!!!!!! Yes!! YES!! I literally rocked my fist, shouted "YES!" and jumped up to come and share my joy!!! John lives to dance another week and Heather is gone! YES! YES! YES!!!!!!!!! Woohoo!!!!

Ahem, and of course, Apolo/Julianne are safe. Of course.

I had to snerk when Tom voice-overed that last night a top three emerged (Apolo/Julianne, Laila/Maks, Joey/Kym) because uhm, yeah, that top three? Emerged the first week and have never really lost that position although their position within the ranking has changed.

Finally, while I would have loved, loved to see Apolo and Julianne's number again (and to get two in a row like Joey/Kim did), I adored the group number and so it was a blast seeing it again. And I still laughed and clapped in delight when Laila picked up Apolo. Hee!

And once more for the road ... JOHN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've GOT to make an Apolo/Julianne icon! (ETA: Made one, but it doesn't fit this post. I'll wait for a new happyx2 joyx2 pic of them and make another one. Yes, damnit, they're worth two!!!)
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