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24 April 2007 @ 10:11 pm
American Idol: Melinda & Jordin  
I really do love both of them and I really, really think the show wants them in the final two. They are two of the three best singers (Lakisha being the other one), but I think they're pushing Jordin over Lakisha because (a) she's on par vocally (although, technically, I think Lakisha is better, but Jordin has better diction when she sings) and (b) Lakisha comes across as stand-offish whereas Jordin is just so utterly delightful. As for Melinda/Jordin as the final two, I think Melinda is a better singer, but I think Jordin is more marketable and she too has got a fabulous voice ... and the former is WHY I think the judges are pimping her to a RIDICULOUS degree!

Seriously. I love her to bits, she's been in my top five from the beginning auditions and my favorite since around the middle of semi's, and even *I* think they're overpimping her. They're doing to her the same damn thing they did to Kelly which turned me off of her in S1. Even when she was supbar, the judges kissed her ass. The difference that season is that I preferred Justin over Kelly, so I got so annoyed with the pimping for Kelly that it took post-Idol for me to truly and fully appreciate her. Now, I don't have anyone else on the show I love like I do Jordin (I love Melinda's voice and I like her lots, but Jordin just makes me smile), so I'm not annoyed with the pimping ... for me. I'm annoyed because it might turn OTHER people off because it's quite ridiculous.

I expect the recorded version of the song she did tonight will be AMAZING, but live, she was shaky and she did the same thing that Kelly does that drives me insane. They both have outstanding voices, gifts from God, and yet they both choose to sing notes that are JUST the bit out of their range, taking a performance that should be splendiferous and making it a bit off because they can't QUITE reach certain notes. It's annoying and I really wish there were people in the industry with clout who would tell these singers who have the voices to truly appreciate what they have and not reach for more. Taking aside musical taste, I think the only truly great singers in the pop market today who don't do this, but who understand, appreciate and fully express the still-incredible range of their voices without pushing it more than they should are Celine Dion and Christina Aguilera.

Still, I'm happy that it looks like Jordin is getting their pimp vote because I want her to win; she is my favorite. On the other hand, I'm just as happy that it's almost a slam-dunk that Melinda will be in the final two also and frankly, if either wins, I'll be happy because I expect that both will produce an amazing album. I just wish the judges/show weren't so dang obvious in the pimpage, that can't help but hurt Jordin and that makes me blue.
eolivet on April 25th, 2007 01:43 pm (UTC)
Huh. I LOVE "You'll Never Walk Alone," and I barely recognized it last night. :x The arrangement just...buried the melody, and it seemed like she...didn't get the song. I mean, it's an older woman talking to a younger woman whose husband killed himself and left her alone to raise a young son. And Jordin just sang it too...happy. Almost like a Gospel song, which it really isn't (IMHO). It's kind of my same criticism of Melinda for "As Long as He Needs Me."

I don't know...I can see how the song can be "inspiring," but I don't see it as an "inspirational song," if that...makes any sense. :x Like...it's about inner strength, not turning to a higher power for strength (as Jordin sang it), so maybe that just bothered me. :/

I don't dislike Jordin -- I like Melinda better -- and I won't be upset if Jordin wins. But I have a real problem with the tongue bath she received for a song, when I felt like she completely missed the point. I couldn't stand Fantasia, but she totally nailed "Summertime." Jordin didn't come anywhere close to that with this performance, IMHO.
Arabianarabian on April 25th, 2007 08:18 pm (UTC)
I knew YNWA was from a a musical, whose name I'm forgetting, but I love Michael Crawford and he did a CD a while back called inspirational songs or some pap like that and YNWA was on it, so I've always thought of it exactly as Jordin sang it. I've also heard other versions (at graduations and such) that sing it so as well, while never having heard the original. I'm denying that you have a point, but I've only heard ALAHNM sung the way it was sung in the movie, it hasn't been taken and pushed into the inspirational song mode that YNWA has. So, I'd still give Jordin the edge in that. Other than the movie version of YNWA, I've ALWAYS heard it done in a hopeful, gospel-type way, so I can very easily buy Jordin having heard the song performed as such and thinking that was how it's always been intended to be sung. Melinda can't say the same for ALAHNM.

I didn't agree with the tongue-bath because vocally I didn't think she deserved it, AND, I actually thought she didn't make it soaring and inspirational enough (based on Crawford's version ... which I adore). I agree completely with "Summertime." I can't stand Fantasia's voice, but that performance of hers? I absolutely love and her voice fit it perfectly because she got every nuance.
eolivet on April 25th, 2007 08:30 pm (UTC)
I love Michael Crawford and he did a CD a while back called inspirational songs or some pap like that and YNWA was on it

Oh, interesting. Yeah, I went to the AI forums, and people are saying it's been used as an "inspirational" song in like...the Jerry Lewis telethon or something. I guess I only know it as being from "Carousel" (a crazy bastion of angst from a time when musicals were mostly shiny and happy. Also features one of my favorite angsty musical love songs, "If I Loved You." :)

So, to my mind, nothing from "Carousel" should be "inspirational." They've also got a song about excusing a man who beats you ("What's the Use of Wonderin'") and I mean...the guy who kills himself because he can't provide for his family? And then comes back as an angel and sings to his daughter (mixed up the sex of the kid, oops). Aaaaaangst!

I can't stand Fantasia's voice, but that performance of hers? I absolutely love and her voice fit it perfectly

Not only that, but I also thought it was a spot-on choice because she was a single mom, and she just got the emotion behind the song. I mean...she just felt the lyrics, IMHO. Definitely one of AI's best performances evah. :)
Arabian: Justin_Shinearabian on April 25th, 2007 08:36 pm (UTC)
Sorry, above it was supposed to be: "I'm NOT denying that you have a point." Sigh.

Yeah, it's definitely known as an inspirational song now. And, "If I Loved You" (which Crawford also sang on a CD, as did tons of others) is one of my fave musical songs also.

Yes, can't stand Fantasia, but that's in the top 3 of my favorite non-favorite AI performances, and I like it better than some of my favorite's performances.
boundaid on April 25th, 2007 09:12 pm (UTC)
Thank you!

I think when you brought up Christina, you really got me. I think she is just amazing but like you recgonized, America as a whole pimped Britney. Britney got a 10 million Pepsi deal...(oh Christina turned that down?). Britney can shake her moneymaker (but give Christina a piano.) Britney sells more albums AND she kissed Madonna (Christina....was there too?)

It just seems we want to push the pretty and never the talented. And Celine Dion? WHERE DOES HER RANGE STOP. When it comes to singers, I always have a hard time loving the female vocalists too much. For Mariah? 5 octave range. Kelly? 4. BUT when they want a note that's in that OTHER octave? It gets annoying.

Jordin! I love her. She is my Season 6 American Idol, but I agree. Keep pimping the pretty young 17 year old and we might just see the worst album sales from an idol contestant ever (even worse than Taylor Hicks)