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DwtS Results

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I like the behind-the-scenes stuff, but they really should just have this at a half-an-hour. It's too long, too padded and just silly. Okay, now on with my bullet-point thoughts.

- Thank God Clyde is gone. Didja all see his fist pump when his name was called?

- I really would like to see the stars get their desire when they know they won't win. In S2, Lisa really just wanted one perfect score because Drew and Stacey were getting them constantly and Lisa/Louis kept JUST falling short and it was really depressing that their final dance -- which WAS awesome -- and everyone KNEW that it would be their last dance because of the Drew/Stacy/Jerry fanbases, that the judges couldn't give them the 30. And now Billy Ray says he just wants an 8 and then he'll go home happy, so I hope he gets an 8 ... and they goes homes which we'll make him and lots of us happy.

- The encore tonight (and I still think that they should have got it last week) of Julianne/Apolo was the fourth time I watched it. Still not disappointed. And I think they did the final move better tonight than they did last night.

- So happy that John/Edyta were safe. It may have been the best worst samba, but I sure as heck enjoyed it more than every other performance but Laila/Maks and, of course, Julianne/Apolo.

- I love Lisa, I do and the singing was okay, but I really would have preferred a number where she danced more than what she did because by the end of her run on DwtS, she really was wonderful. And that number just didn't fit with this show.

- Unlike the swing number, first of all ... LOUIS!!!!!!!!!! He probably choreographed that (I believe he choreographs most of the group numbers) and it was so good, so much fun to watch and seeing him dance most of it with Julianne was a real treat since Louis is my fave of the male dancers and with Ashly out due to her pregnancy, Julianne is my fave female (although, I heartily do admit that Julianne is a zillion times better choreographer than Ashly, but then I think Julianne is the best choreographer on the show right now).

* Gerrie, you so need to get a copy of season one to see Ashly and Joey McIntrye, that's when so many fell in love with her. She was really unfortunately saddled the next two seasons (sorry, Harry.)

- Macy Gray? Can't stand her voice, didn't watch a second of it.

- I love, love, LOVE the Jimmy Kimmell stuff. Just LOVE! They crack me up so much and tonight was no exception.

- Finally, in watching the repeat of what we saw of Joey/Kym -- I didn't rewatch his performance after the comments -- I agree COMPLETELY with Len and Carrie-Ann and Bruno was on crack. His performance WAS very feminine.
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