Arabian (arabian) wrote,

Dancing with the Stars tonight

I always mean to not write these up, but then I always wind up doing so anyway. What can I say? The rhythm gets me?

I could talk about how great and sexy and funny Laila and Maks were (in a wonderful return to form), or how good Joey and Kim were or how eh to bad (Clyde, I am sooo looking at you) were, but really, for me tonight's episode was all about Apolo and Julianne!!!

DAYUM!!!! Utter and complete deserved perfect scores from the judges. And it was the first dance so far this season that deserved a perfect score, so I'm glad they got it. Woohoo!! Seriously, they don't look like an amateur and a professional on the dance floor. They look like two pros* and they were just wonderful. So good; I ADORE Julianne's choreography and she and Apolo are just so, so, so, so good together. That was an outstanding performance and if they don't win, I will cry.

*Admittedly, Julianne is a much better "pro" dancer than him, but still ...

I'm so making an Apolo/Julianne icon ... if I can just find some pics of them somewhere. Hmmm. DONE!!!!

Woohoo!!! Lisa Rinna performance tomorrow. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!
Tags: apolianne, apolo anton ohno, dancing with the stars, julianne hough, tv

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