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Two-hour premiere of 'Drive' ... I like!

I really enjoyed the two-hour premiere of Drive. I'm trying to not get my hopes up that it will stay so good though because I've raved about shows and then seen them go downhill so quickly. I do hope it continues on the road it's begun (yes, pun intended) because while I enjoy Heroes, Supernatural and Friday Night Lights, none of those are obsess-worthy shows for me. And I so want one to help ease the pain of the horror that Veronica Mars has become.

I thought they did a very good job of highlighting the various characters and giving you a sense of them, even thinly-delivered in a few cases, but I'm trusting that we'll get more into all of the credit-cast characters as the show progresses. Speaking of those characters (and the ones not in the credits) ...

  • Alex Tully (Nathan Fillion) - Good character, and I'm wondering what is the backstory. The easy way he deals out violence; the casual way the wife in his mind talked about him not killing Alan James. There's definitely more to him than just a Nebraskan farmer.

  • Corinna Wiles ((Kristin Lehman) - I LOVE this actress, have since I first saw her in the episode, "Killswitch" of The X-Files and she did not disappoint. I figured out it was her in the opening of the second part, and it added an emotional edge that I liked.

    My only issue with the above partners is that I do think they have chemistry, but yet, he loves his wife and that's his push, which obviously cuts down on the potential for shipping. Sigh. I know, but once a shipper, always a shipper and I so need a couple to take the place of Logan/Veronica so I can just get over them already.

  • Wendy Patrakas (Melanie Lynskey) - She's probably my favorite character right now. I love her soft-spoken nervousness coupled with her determination. I know the actress best from Heavenly Creature, where -- like many -- Kate Winslet caught most of my attention, but Lynskey really grabbed me here.

  • Ivy (Taryn Manning) - I don't dislike the character, but the actress rubs me the wrong way. Well, it's not that she rubs me the wrong way, but her proportions are just weird and I find myself concentrating on how her body doesn't seem to quite look right instead of concentrating on the scene/character. The character has possibility, but the look of the actress is just weird. If I can get over that hang-up of mine, I think I'll really like her.

  • Two ladies with her - Don't know their names, and I do wonder how they'll continue on. The younger one is in the opening credits, but the older one isn't, and of course, they didn't meet the deadline of the first part of this leg, so I'm curious to see how the younger one comes back in to play.

  • Violet (Emma Stone) - Girl with the dying dad. I'm wondering if the dad isn't going to kick the bucket because, although a well-known character actor, he's not in the opening credits, but, yet she is. Hmm. I like his character a lot, and I'm okay on hers. I don't love her, but I don't hate her either. Still, I hope he doesn't die anytime soon, but I'm not holding my breath.

  • Winston Salazar (Kevin Alejandro) - Now, him I really liked a lot. After Wendy, Alex and Corinna, he's my favorite. Really good actor, he's already shown me so much in just these first two episodes. If they continue this good with his character I can see him as the breakout star and hottie of this thing. ETA: Just read that he played Justin's pop on Ugly Betty, and I gotta say he impressed me much on this, but it confirms my belief about his acting, because his character was different enough due to the actor's shading.

  • Sean Salazar (J.D.Pardo) - Him, I'm eh on him. Like his obvious love interest, Violet -- teen lovers, I'm pre-fighting the yawn they may induce if not done right, I don't love him or hate him. And honestly, the way he got into the race was one of the more contrived backstories we saw, but eh, I'll happily offer a willing suspension of disbelief if the story's told well. I do wonder if Violet's dad is gonna kick the bucket as I said above and put Violet in the same car with the Salazar boys.

  • Iraq dude (Riley Smith)/His wife (Mircea Monroe) - I don't even remember their names. Honestly, my least favorite racers. He's better than her, but not by much.

    Overall, I thought it was an interesting concept and I reacted to the different chills and spills we got. It was exciting, had moments of humor, good acting, some drama and Captain Tightpants. One can't really complain.
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