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Dancing with the Stars Thoughts

I wasn't going to write this up, but eh, decided why not. Julianne/Apolo were way too good to not praise. Had to praise them. They're awesome!! Anyhoo, thoughs on all ...

Laila/Maksim - Honestly, my biggest problem was the music. It's corny western music. I know, I know, it's more than that, but I associate that music so much with corny westerns, so I couldn't feel any heat with them or take it seriously. And I do agree exactly with what Len said: there was no heat, aggression or attack. They were good, but I expected great.

Apolo/Julianne - Just wonderful. It was romantic and beautiful and just absolutely lovely. I'm with Bruno and Carrie Ann. Just absolutely radiant. They may feel like brother/sister, but that dance just sighed romance, it was like watching a love story. I don't know what Len has against Apolo and/or Julianne, but I think there's something. Although, to be fair, I do think he meant to add after his critique that they sold it very well, but Bruno cut him off and Tom had to move it along. What was interesting was the audience reaction. I can't recall such a thunderous applause to a routine (of course, I didn't watch all of last season), the audience really loved it. And rightfully so.

Leeza/Tony - Why the hell is she still here and my Paulina is gone?!? Sniff, sniff! She is just so very, very stiff. There's no grace, no flow from one movement into the next, everything is a separate piece of choreography and that is not good. She's just not a dancer, and honestly I think they deserved lower scores, but at least they weren't judged so outrageously high like last week.

Ian/Cheryl - They were good, but he had flailing arms a lot, I noticed and there was just no connection between the two. The dancing was lovely, but I didn't feel THEM, I didn't buy THEM. And I think Len just has a major hard-on for Cheryl and/or Ian because I do not think it deserved a 9 at all. ETA: I'm adding this because I read it elsewhere, so it's not just my imagination, Cheryl moves too fast in dances like this.

John/Edyta - I like them, but I think that John reached his peak a few weeks ago. His lack of ability is really begin to show. He was stiff and it just didn't work. I agreed with the judges, especially Len. That dance did NOT suit John.

Tangent: Carrie Ann's hair looked gorgeous tonight!!!!!!!

Clyde/Elena - He just can't dance; he has no natural grace or flow. It's not his height, it's his lack of dance ability. Pfft, and Paulina is gone. Grrr. I couldn't even watch the whole thing. Carrie Ann so hit the nail on the head -- every dance he does looks the same. It's interesting that Len said he didn't think that Clyde was trying because when I was watching the dance, I thought the exact same thing, he was just going through the motions.

Billy Ray/Karina - Sigh, another one who can not dance. However, I DO believe he's trying. You can see the effort and it manages to pay off here and there. I watch him and can see where he's so not hitting it, but I really, truly believe he's trying and I do think we're seeing some sign of that. I agreed with the judges completely. And frankly, Billy Ray's performance just put Clyde's defensive words to Samantha to the test and proved Clyde wrong as far as I'm concerned. Billy Ray is just as not a dancer as Clyde, but you can see such a huge difference in who's trying and who's not. On the other hand, under NO circumstance did they deserve the same score as Laila/Maks. Geez!

Tangent: I'm pretty annoyed with the placement pimping the next two couples are getting, out of four weeks, both Joey/Kim and Heather/Jonathan have been getting towards the end slots all but one week (Joey/Kim all but one of the times). Julianne/Apolo were 1st up last week, 2nd this week, I think they were middle of the pack the 2nd night of the first week, Laila/Maks were 1st this week, 2nd or 3rd last week and that DOES affect the judging. Joey/Kim and Heather/Jonathan are almost always in the last half, closer to the end then the other couples. Not fair.

Heather/Jonathan - She's a lovely, graceful dancer, but her fears were justified, they did not sell the love story. There was no connect, but since I thought Cheryl/Ian had no connect either, and Heather is better than Ian, they deserve better than those two, but Julianne/Apolo totally deserved the best waltz scores. So I agree with J/A getting better scores, but not C/I. Nope.

Joey/Kim - Unlike every other guy except for Apolo, Joey can dance ... and it shows. They were very well in sync (pun truly NOT intended, hee), movements together and he can move. Technically he's not perfect, there isn't enough flow between movements and he doesn't point his toes as often as he should, but still, by far, the best pas a doble of the night. I'd still score Julianne/Apolo higher because they had the connection that no one else had, including Joey/Kim. Still, second best performance in my opinion. But of course the judges adored them, they were good, but didn't deserve a 10.

Sigh, they were great, but Julianne/Apolo were better. I'm annoyed. Apolo had some technical problems, but so did Joey and he wasn't called on them. Arrrggh. Apolo and Julianne deserved the best scores tonight. Grrrr. And this is coming from someone who DOES really like Joey and Kim.


Apolo/Julianne - no question.
Heather/Jonathan (followed closely by Ian/Cheryl)


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