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02 April 2007 @ 09:42 pm
Monday Night TV (DwtS & PB again)  
Monday night TV (24 will wait until tomorrow, ho-hum.)

Prison Break - I love this show!! Hee!! Aww, Sara got off scott-free; ooh, Kellerman made good and then was machine-gunned to death. Aww Bellick and T-Bag and Sucre and Michael are screwed. Squeee!!! Sara's at the boat!!! Dude, the money! It's in the water. DAMNIT! Sara's so gonna shoot him and she did!!! And they're on the run again, oh noes! They kissed! Aww. She said she loved him, he said he loved her, dude he's totally taking the blame! Look, he took the blame! Aww, sad ending for Mahone. Can't wait to see what happens with him next season, maybe he and Michael and Bellick will work together to break out of THIS prison!? Maybe Lincoln and Sara will work together to break Michael out?!?!? Stay tuned!!! AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

It was fun. I enjoy PB for the mindless, unrealistic, silly, over-the-top entertainment it is and tonight didn't disappoint. And, man, William Fichtner has such dreamy eyes. So pretty.

Dancing with the Stars Grr, Paulina. Grrr. The tango and jive tonight.

Shandi/Brian - She's just so dang sloppy. So, so, sloppy. Paulina so, so, so much better. Stupid America! Grrrrr.

John/Edyta - Good, not great. I pretty much agreed with the judges.

Laila/Maks - As soon as they pulled apart, I thought, they're doing it very well, but, but, but that's not the tango, they need to stay together, so I wasn't surprised that the judges were bugged by that. Still love her to bits, but I agree with their scores.

Clyde/Elena - I'm sorry, I had to stop watching half-way through, he's just so bad. He's not a dancer. He's still here over Paulina? Puleeze!

Apolo/Julianne - I agree with Len, the stuff at the beginning was cute, but so unnecessary and didn't fit in the competition. Once they actually started doing the jive, I was just grinning, like last week, light and bubbly and so, so, so much fun. I didn't agree with the judges' criticism beyond the opening bit, but I think I've made it clear how biased I am when it comes to Apolo.

Joey/Kim - I LOVED it!! Dancing the tango to Star Wars! Hee!!! Yes I'm a SW geek, so that was just wonderful to me. Loved the sorta-replication of the gold bikini costume in Kim's outfit and ADORED the ending because any SW geek knows that was an attempt to copy the classic SW poster shot of Luke and Leia. Hee!! Wonderful. As for the dancing, I think Joey did the best dancing of the night so far. Gimmicky with the Star Wars? Yes. But the dancing was solid and there was actually less gimmick than Apolo and Julianne's. Best of the night so far for me.

Ian/Cheryl - Okay, first must comment on the on-crack camera at the end there, geez! As for the dancing, I'm sorry Ian is a weird kind of stiff and tentative. I see him moving and trying to be loose and rhythmic, but it's so very clearly unnatural for him and that shows with every movement. Cheryl just so outdances him, it's sad. I think the judges were way, way too generous. A 9 my ass! Apolo and Joey are both much, much better, that was bs.

Leeza/Tony - Clearly, Tony told her to point her toes, because she pointedly (hee) did it at times, but others she forgot and boy did the difference show. Slow, tentative and boring. She's still here over Paulina? Puleeze! What CRACK are these judges on?

Heather/Jonathan - Okay, the lack of the arm sways in the beginning going in the same direction really bugged. Weakest performance by them by far, it looks sloppy and lackluster, whenever they weren't in each other's arms, they were off and not in sync, just not their best at all. Seriously, the judges are just so, so, so, sooooooooooooo on crack tonight.

Billy Ray/Karina - Am I the only one who notices Billy Ray counting steps and whatnot every single week? Sigh, Lord knows he's trying. He's not horrible, he's not Clyde Drexler, but he's not very good either. However, I was less bored by this routine than Leeza's. He's like a big lumbering bear who's really, really trying. I do agree with Carrie, he is the most improved by far.

Ian/Cheryl, Leeza/Tony and Heather/Jonathan DID NOT DESERVE to be tied with Joey and certainly DID NOT DESERVE to be above Apolo/Julianne. Stupid judges.

The best - Joey/Kim
The rest of the best - Apolo/Julianne, Laila/ Maks

The worst - Clyde/Elena
The rest of the worst - Leeza/Tony, Shandi/Brian

Damnit, I'm still pissed about Paulina.
harper47harper47 on April 3rd, 2007 01:01 pm (UTC)
So are you upset about Paulina leaving at all?

Well I must say, I did think Joey danced good but the Star Wars stuff, while it worked for you, just didn't work for me. I just could not get into their dance. But they did dance nice.

Leeza? Puh-leeze. I almost fell off my chair where I saw her scores. Her dance was horrible.

I don't watch Clyde either. Not his interview and not his dance. So, so bad. (well once I see it's still bad that is)

We do agree on Leila and Apolo. I did still like Heather. I agree it wasn't as good as her mambo but she really just enjoys the dance so much. She pulls me in. And I don't want to be pulled in. Stop it right now.

eolivet on April 3rd, 2007 03:42 pm (UTC)
PB was awesome -- I loved it, too. :D And I'm with you on the William Fitchner thing, especially since Kellerman is no longer with us. I need another evil gov't crush next season. ;p

Dude, the money! It's in the water. DAMNIT!

My first thought was "You broke your promise to Westmoreland, Michael -- now what's his daughter going to live on?"

Knowing PB, it'll fall into some chest and sink to the bottom of the lake, and they'll come back next season to find it, perfectly preserved. ;p

Weakest performance by them by far, it looks sloppy and lackluster

Yeah, I thought Heather/Jonathan looked ridiculously slow, for the jive. I realize she's not dancing with...y'know, all the advantages of everyone else, but STILL!

I loved Apolo/Julianne, and thought their gimmick was more interesting than Joey/Kym's gimmick because they actually worked it into the dance (shut up, Len!) I didn't see how that was any different than Drew and Cheryl doing "Thriller" moves in the middle of their tango in S2.

And yeah, what happened to that camera at the end of Ian/Cheryl's dance anyway? ABC couldn't have been too pleased about that. :x