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Nick Marck = Love ... in more than one sense of the word

So, I'm updating my L/V chemistry journal and I'm on AEFC and I noted how I especially noted the direction (but didn't point out the director), so out of curiousity I went a'looking and whaddya know? Nick Marck did the duty ... he of:

- the famous hallway scene in 2.02 Driver Ed
- the gentle, naturally couply-scenes of 3.07 President Evil
- the awesomeness of the reunion scene in 3.10 Show Me the Monkey

Reading how I'd really noted the direction and how well it highlighted Logan and Veronica in AEFC:
    What I liked best about the constant staring was two-fold: (a) The fact that there was almost this joyful, admiring slant in his expression as he gazed at her, and (b) The fact that the direction gave us so many shots of Logan staring at Veronica. We saw his reactions to her more than we did anyone else's there. I see this (in retrospect) as one of the subtle ways that the show had at building up interest in the pairing of Logan and Veronica.
Upon finding out it was him smiled in an AHA! recognition, I decided to see what other eps he had directed to see if there was particularly good Logan/Veronica interaction in them.

  • The Girl Next Door ... No L/V, but great Logan/Weevil

  • An Echolls Family Christmas ... Chalk full of great L/V.

  • Kanes and Abel's ... I actually thought at the time that their connection was TOO strongly portrayed in their scene in this episode, but there's no denying that the connection and intimate chemistry between them was kick-ass here.

  • Hot Dogs ... Do I even need to talk about how AWESOME the L/V interaction was in this episode?

  • Driver Ed ... The hallway scene, arguably the best L/V scene in season two. And also, the portrayal of VD was so lackluster and highlighted just how not-chemical those two were.

  • Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner ... The bathroom scene was the one of the best L/V scenes in the first half of the season.

  • My Mother, the Fiend ... No L/V, but again, GREAT Logan/Weevil.

  • President Evil ... Casual couple moments portrayed beautifully.

  • Show Me the Monkey ... Reunion, and pretty much NO P/V undertones from Veronica in the P/V scenes (and in the non-L/V related scenes -- both cafeteria scenes, no subtext from Piz either).

    Yeah, Nick Marck SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO my favorite Veronica Mars director ... and he directs Jason magnficently.
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