Arabian (arabian) wrote,

Dancing with the Stars results

Well, the first results show was tonight and was it just me or did it black out in the reveal for anyone else? The only reason I know who's going home is because it came back on long enough for me to hear Tom say the couple were doing their last dance, and then it blacked out again. Weird.

And that pre-cut was me desperately trying not to scream with anguish: ARRRGGHHH!!!!!

I'M SO PISSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Paulina and Alec!?!?! What. The. Fuck!?!? Paulina and Alec!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????? Over, Shandi/Brian?!?!? Leeza/Tony?!?!?!? Karina/Billy Ray?!?!?!? Clyde/Elena?!?!?!

PAULINA AND ALEC!!!!!!!!!?????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????

If I didn't love Laila and Apolo so much, I swear I'd boycott the show after that. FUCKING PAULINA AND ALEC!?!?!?!?!!!


I just can't talk about anything else on the show because I'm too pissed.
Tags: apolo anton ohno, dancing with the stars, tv

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