Arabian (arabian) wrote,

I'm not posting this because I care, but because I choose to mock

As much as I really dig Kate Walsh, I was pretty much at the point where I had no intention of watching the Grey's spin-off because, yes, I dislike Chris Lowell that much, have such horrible association with him work-wise and personally find him fugly as all that. However, upon reading his character description, I'm tempted to tune in now for sheer mockage.

Dell. Yes, Dell. And it gets better. He plays a surfer/receptionist who is the boy-toy to one of Addison's LA college-friends. I mean, it's as if he went looking for a character MORE ludicrous than Piz.

Seriously. Dell, a surfing boy-toy.

THAT has Emmy written all over it!
Tags: kate walsh, tv

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