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Monday Night TV (DwtS & PB)

I'll get to 24 tomorrow. Yes, the season is so meh so far that for the first time since I began watching it live, I chose not to, well, watch it live. Sigh.


However, I did watch the deliciously ridiculous as always Prison Break - So ridiculous; I just roll my eyes at so much of what happens and then grin with glee. Michael, Michael, Michael, such a dour fellow. And Wentworth, so pretty, and so one-note. The characters are so predictable, but I love their predictability. THIS is how you do an over-the-top, ridiculous, predictable show and make it fun, fun, fun! I will admit one bit of unpredictability, I really did think that Bagwell was going to die, I dunno, just because, instead we got him whining like the stuck pig he was while Michael was faced with yet another situation of having to save the dunderhead that is Lincoln. Seriously, one of these days, Lincoln has GOT to accept the fact that Michael is the brains and all Lincoln is good for is brawn and prettiness. Really. One question: When the heck did I start to like Kellerman and Bellick?!? for goodness' sake? I dunno, but I do. Just like I like this show.

And of course, with the joy of four -- count 'em, FOUR! -- couples I like in Dancing with the Stars I had to watch that -- I pretty much feel the same about the couples as I did last week, with one exception. Billy Ray totally gets the worst dancer slot now. Oy vey.

  • Apolo/Julianne - Awesome. I knew he had the discipline to deal with the back hunchover. It was light and breezy, fun, footloose and fancy-free. An absolute delight.

  • Laila/Maksim - Awesome. The girlcrush continues. She was BY FAR the hottest of the girls on the dance floor tonight and the only one who brought the raunch to the mambo. She is JUST wonderful. Such magnificent technique and natural talent. LOVE. HER.

  • Joey/Kim - Not quite, but close to awesome. Fun, fun, fun -- His technique is marvelous, and light on his feet was a perfect description. The show has never had three such fabulous starters, but it does in Joey, Laila and Apolo. Maybe I'm rushing the gun, but I think we have our final three already. Which leaves out ...

  • Paulina/Alex - I love her, I do, but she really needs to (a) loosen up and (b) tap her full potential, especially that potentiality of extension that she so effortlessly has at her fingertips (and toes).

  • John/Edyta - He's just wonderful. He's like George Hamilton ... with talent. He's not great, but he's pretty good and his "pizazz" at the end there made me clap out loud with joy.

  • Ian/Cheryl - I actually liked them better than the judges and Cheryl's hairstyle was the best I've seen it!! Woohoo!! Alas, barring a breakdown of the top three, I don't think she'll make it to the finals again, let alone a threepeat. But she and her partner will likely still go far.

  • Heather/Jonathan - I don't want to admit how good she's doing because of the crap she's giving Sir Paul, but she's doing really good. She really is, but she did seem to get a bit lost and lose steam towards the end for me, but she finished well.

  • Leeza/Tony - She just can't dance. She has no natural ability, rhythm, poise, grace. Lord knows, she's trying though and I gotta give her points for that.

  • Clyde/Elena - Better, but not worthy of those scores. Like Leeza, he just can't dance, but I give him kudos for trying.

  • Billy Ray/Karina - Again, can not dance. He really is just bad and those scores were way too generous. I would have given Clyde higher scores this week. Although to be fair, I was so meh'ed by this that I didn't even bother finishing it.

  • Shandi/Brian - The judges pegged it; she was concentrating so on the moves that she kept her beauty pageant smile on and thought her way through the whole performance. And a big pet peeve of mine, she seems incapable of properly pointing her toes. It's such a graceless move and so easy to do, if you just remember to do it. And her partner is about the creepiest, slimiest looking dancer I've ever seen on this show. There are worse dancers (Billy Ray, Clyde, Leeza), but geez, please, America, send these two packing first. Please!

    Sigh, and I still miss Louis and Ashly. There's pretty good reasons why both aren't there though; according to his blog, Louis is apparently too short He's 5'8" for the ladies this year, but he's involved in behind the scenes stuff) and Ashly is pregnant. Still, I miss them. Hopefully, both will be back next year and maybe Ashley will get a return to a good partner as she had in S1. (She and Joey McIntrye were my first favorite couple.)
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