Arabian (arabian) wrote,

Finally watched Dancing with the Stars

Going into it, I had hopes for Apolo Ohno (LOVED him in the Olympics) and Paulina Porizkova (she's so pretty), but I was quite surprised to walk away with not only liking those two bunches, but also liking tremendously two others. I tuned out last season early on because unlike the first two seasons there was no one I really liked and the really good dancers did nothing for me personality-wise, so I wasn't looking forward to this at all, but after watching it ... I got FOUR that were great.

  • Paulina Porizkova -- Okay, we all knew she was beautiful, but who knew she was so dang funny? Stiff and clearly uncomfortable, but her extensions were divine and I do see a lot of potential when (if) she loosens up.

  • Joey Fatone -- Never an N*sync fan and not expecting anything from him, but he amused me in the clips and had me clapping and grinning on the dance floor. Wonderful!!! And deservedly got the highest scores. He was so good that I had to go back to find the mic pack swinging around they were talking about because I just enjoyed watching him so much.

  • Laila Ali -- What a beautiful, beautiful woman ... and her dancing was sublime. I loved watching her and I thought that she and Maksim were wonderful together.

  • Apolo Ohno -- Love him! Even with less practice than the others, dang was he good! Yes, I could see the technical mistakes the judges pointed out (also, that he continued to look at the floor a bit, which wasn't pointed out), but he has soooo much potential. Hopefully, he can get some more practice time in. (I do think that the hunching over may be a problem since he does that in speed-skating, however, his sport takes mucho discipline so he may be able to overcome. I hope so; I lurve him and want to see him (and Laila and Joey) around until the end.)

    As for the others.

  • I thought they were way too nice to Clyde Drexler. Seems like a lovely guy, but the worst dancer on the floor, I thought.

  • John Ratzenberger (all 72 years of him, snerk!) was surprisingly good.

  • Heather Mills was okay, but I can't get over how horrible she's being to Sir Paul that I just can't like her.

  • The beauty queen and her partner were sooooooooo annoying and not that good.

  • Ian Ziering was good, but I'll admit it here, Cheryl does nothing for me. She's a great dancer, probably a lovely person, but she does nothing for me and I positively HATE her hairstyle.

  • Billy Ray Cyrus, not very good, but deserved better scores than Drexler.

  • Leeza Gibbons barely edged out Drexler as not being the worst of the bunch. And sorry, she just annoys. She just comes across as so fake.

    But hey, I got four -- FOUR!!! -- that I love so I'm happy!
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