Arabian (arabian) wrote,

Hee! Prison Break!!

No spoilers, I just wanted to share my glee over watching PB live for the first time since the third episode (I gave up mid-way, I can't imagine why now). I spent Wednesday through Saturday watching all of season one and the first 19 eps of season two (shout-out to tinkabell007 for helping me with some season 2 eps! You rock!) and so was able to watch the new one this Monday and man, oh man ... two things:

1. The utter ludicrousness and convenience of contrivance on this show is utterly delicious. It's so much fun!!! I love it!!!

2. William Fichtner (Agent Mahone). Sigh. I've adored him since 1989 when he played Josh Snyder (Rod Landry) -- it's a long story -- on As the World Turns. And for the record, fifty years old or not, I think he's by far the best looking member of that cast. Sigh, such pretty blue eyes.
Tags: prison break, tv

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