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VM Canceled (According to Eonline)

The only thing that bums me is the season will likely end on L/V not together. Stupid RT. Personally, I think he's had a pretty good idea of this for awhile and decided to do the last five episodes in such a way to piss off as many of the horrible Logan/Veronica fans as he can. I do not buy (nor have I since mid-S2) that RT does not dislike, resent, pick your word the L/V shippers and feel that it's our fault that we forced his hand in making Logan the leading man, and not Duncan and that it's our fault that he had to fire Teddy, and break up the twu wuv story of VD and he's been sticking it to us every way he can (hot n' heavy with other love interests, stupid-ass breakups, contrivances and a Veronica who clearly isn't into Logan, like he is in to her, and of course, not only no love scene EVER, but nothing close to it and knowing all we do about the final 5 eps so far, never hearing her tell him he loves her, wasting the last four of the five episodes on Piz/Veronica overload and Logan dating someone else). I will never, ever watch anything that RT has anything to do with again, unless for some reason (known to neither God, man nor fan) JD works with him again. Overall, I'm happy it's canceled, because I don't know if I could have dealt with another season of Rob Thomas' idea of "good drama."

To be honest, the show pretty much died for me in NitW. Sure, it had good episodes and good moments, but when all of the fall-out of Lilly's death, Aaron being the murderer, their affair was ignored, the events of ATttD were ignored so Rob could revisit the twu wuv of VD, KB and TPTB started making Veronica look un-Veronica like and be a holier-than-thou judgmental bitch, well I knew the show would never return to what it was with RT at the helm. S1 was a happy accident. And as far as I'm concerned the downhill trend began in NitW. Actually, I think it began in ATttD, but there was enough great stuff in that and LitB and it was part of an overall fabulous season, that it could be overlooked then. So, upset? Not really. Just bummed about lack of togetherness for L/V, but if we'd had a S4, Rob would have just brought in new love interests for them, more contrived crap and fucked it all up even more.

My hope now is that maybe Jason Dohring will get something where he's not treated like the redheaded stepchild by those in charge.

The day we’ve all dreaded has come, tubers.

With actual tears in my eyes, I must tell you that I’ve heard from several solid sources that the CW has decided not to bring Veronica Mars back for a fourth season.

Though official word has not yet come down from the network, I did hear from creator Rob Thomas earlier this week, who told me things weren’t looking good: “I’ve never been less certain of our fate. I’m afraid I’ve gone from cautiously optimistic to something less than that.”
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