Arabian (arabian) wrote,

Just one little comment about 'The Black Donnellys'

Not a huge spoiler by any means, but it did happen in tonight's ep (which isn't even done yet), but technically a teeny spoiler, so behind the cut ...

Jonathan Tucker can walk around in only his underwear for the rest of the season (wet or not) and I'll be a very, very happy viewer.

On a non-shallow note. This show is so good. Frankly I think it's too good for network television. Sigh. They are so, so, fucked up ... especially poor Tommy. You could just see his soul being destroyed and ripped apart as the episode progressed. Gah. And non-shallow, I just think that Tucker is awesome. I love him. Just love him.

And man, I just LOVE how Joey Icecream keeps inserting himself in the story. I could see how it might annoy some, but it cracks me up every time.
Tags: jonathan tucker, the black donnellys, tv

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