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04 March 2007 @ 10:51 pm
Sunday Night Viewing  
I watched three of my six (!) shows tonight and wanted to jot some quick thoughts down. Spoilers behind the cuts.

The Amazing Race - Seriously, I could not love Rob and Amber more if I tried. I'm fairly positive that they are the first team to finish 1st in the first three legs, but I sadly don't think it will last. My favorite (top-dog, adore favorite) has NEVER won a reality show. Ever. However, if they are knocked out I do believe it will be as one poster said on TWoP. You get knocked out of the race based on three factors: Bad luck, bad decisions, bad execution. Based on their season (7) and these first three legs, it's gonna be bad luck ... and there's nothing they'll be able to do about it.

However, I do love Danny/Oswald (Cha-Cha-Chas), well more Oswald, than Danny, but I do like Danny. And Terri/Ian are surprisingly fun and I'm liking them this go-round much more than their first (as I'm seeing a lot of others are as well). So, even if Rob/Amber don't make it all the way, barring three specific teams (Joyce/Uchenna, Eric/Danielle, Charla, Mirna) being in the final three, I'll be happy to watch this until the end.

Grease: You're the One that I want - I know it's badly done; I know that it's a pale imitation of an AI-knockoff that offers a showcase of songs for their singers that generally does nothing to showcase their voices. I know all of this and yet I'm so smitten with Max and Laura, that I anxiously await this one. I think they are by far the best and I do believe that they very well may be the producers choice. A couple of reasons --

1. Last week, all three judges picked Laura as their "Sandy." She was also the only one of all the girls who got praise with nary a hint of negativity. In addition, when the Dannys performed backup for the Sandy's solo numbers, Max was the only one who shared not one second with Laura. However, he was the only guy who got a solo back-up number with a performer.

2. This week, all three judges picked Max as their "Danny." He was also the only one of all the guys who got praise with nary a hint of negativity. In addition, when the Sandys performed backup for the Danny's solo numbers, Laura was the only one who shared not one second with Max. However, she was the only girl who got a solo back-up number with a performer.

So, that's good for them as Sandy/Danny, but what about the chemistry? Well, as someone pointed out on TWoP, the producers are seeing all of the different pairings and match-ups and have likely seen a working spark between these two and are saving it for the finale (which will no doubt include both Max and Laura), because there's got to be a reason that from the duets, through the solo performances with the guys/girls as back-up, we've seen all of the other contestants from 12, to 10, to 8 paired with one another ... except for Laura and Max.

Well, maybe they don't have chemistry ... I don't think so. Again, pointed by someone on TWoP, last week's elimination, Max and Laura were standing together at the top of the stairs and when they were two of the four names called as safe, they took each other's hands and skipped down the stairs together, when they got to the bottom, Ashley who was in front of them took Max's other hand, but dropped it fairly quickly, while Max and Laura held hands the entire time. And they looked GOOD together, and they also looked incredibly natural and in those few moments, there was definitely a chemistry.

The thing is, if they don't win, I'll be so disappointed, because I can't imagine even listening to the soundtrack if these two aren't performing the roles of Sandy and Danny.

Desperate Housewive - I miss Rex. Wah! As much as I love Orson (and Kyle MacLachlan), I adored Rex and Bree. I so wish he hadn't been killed. Seeing the guys highlighted in this episode was pretty cool and for the first time I actually loved Carlos. Still, my faves remain Lynette and Tom, gosh, I love these two! They are in my top five favorite couples on TV now. I adore them so.
eolivet on March 5th, 2007 02:14 pm (UTC)
I am so, SO nervous for Rob & Amber. I didn't like the looks of that preview at all. What else could have "all of America talking?" "America" doesn't even know who the rest of these racers are. :/

I also watched "Grease" (flipping back and forth from TAR), and I guess Danny doesn't have to have a "Broadway" voice, but man, a couple of these remaining Dannys are weak (cough, Derek ;p ) Max did a great job, although I did like Chad's number, too (except it was pitchy-- er...rough in spots ;)

DH feels like it's all over the place these days. What's the point of this Carlos and Edie's son thing? Unless they're going to get Edie and Carlos together?? I guess I never realized how much of a fixture Bree is until there was an ep without a single shot of her. This ep really was missing something, IMHO. :/
harper47harper47 on March 5th, 2007 02:54 pm (UTC)
Hee - we watched the same three shows last night. I still have three more to watch too. Weird.

Grease: I agree with you on the panel's choice. I think they clearly want Laura and Max. This is the first week I felt they were turning a bit against Austin and well, he had a horrible night. Terrible song with terrible choreography. Gah.

I wonder why David Ian wanted Alli booted so much. Interesting comment. I don't like her so I hope she leaves soon. Really Laura is the only viable candidate left.

TAR: I don't mind Rob and Amber but I'm not rooting for them. I have my faves who all gave me heart attacks last night but survived.

DH: I really like Carlos now too. Amazing how they manage to redeem characters. I also loathe Ian with a fiery passion. I hate all the sneaky, blackmail type of antics.

It was great to hear Rex again. Just great.