Arabian (arabian) wrote,

I love Meryl Streep!

Yes, this is the first thing that I've cared enough to post about in an hour and a half of the Oscars. But seriously ... Meryl Streep? LOVE!!!!

ETA: I didn't really want Jennifer Hudson to win, but I LOVED her speech. I loved (the evil part of me) that she didn't mention Beyonce -- and you just knew that Beyonce was waiting for it! -- but that she DID mention Jennifer Holiday. I was really, really glad she threw her name into it, because Holiday really was amazing as Effie and while I do like Hudson's version of "And I Am Telling You," Holliday's is for me THE standard of excellence. Anyhoo, great speech and I loved her "wow" as she walked away from the podium. She felt really genuine to me. If she wasn't, then, well, she definitely deserved that Oscar after all because I bought it.
Tags: oscars, tv

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