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VM 3.14 -- Not Much To Say

I thought it was a good episode, not great, but good. This arc (despite the rip-your-heart-out L/V stuff is a much better arc than the first, imo).

As a long-time Lamb-hater, I'm glad he's dead, but making Keith sheriff kinda undermines the whole Mars against the corruption thing. Ah well. This show stopped being about that in seasont two.

And I figured out the resolution to the coach's murder when Keith told Veronica about the illness. How come I was able to figure it out, but these two supposed sharp detectives weren't until they were flat-out told?

I loved LoVe scene because I read undercurrents and subtext left and right. Except for the line about giving the thing to Mac (which was exposition and I thought KB made the switch to quickly) everything else was so, so, sooooo loaded. To me, it was so clear that both still madly love each other, they're just both trying to put a brave face on it because they think it's over, but they are still in each other's lives.

I did love the one LoVe scene SO MUCH!, but that love was undermined by the Logan/Parker everywhere. Ugh. I still feel a little sick. Seriously. They couldn't have waited until the two month break was over to have Logan already hanging out with another girl? SERIOUSLY!?! I am glad that we got at least some reaction from Veronica about it, but still. UGH. UGH. UGH.

Still, it does look like it's playing out like I described in my scenario so far. Oh joy.

As for Veronica's over-the-top-ness in jail ... honestly I got the idea that Veronica was kinda freaked out and was overcompensating. I think that it would have been more obvious had La Bell not been playing most of the season like this. But really, I did get that because there were moments, just a twinge here or there, a shadow in her eyes, a downcast to her smile before she turned it "on" to perform for Keith or Cliff or Wallace. And who was the one person she DIDN'T perform for? Oh, that's right. Logan.

Uh huh.

Look at me finding shippiness in everything!!!!!!!
Tags: tv, veronica mars

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