Arabian (arabian) wrote,

HIMYM and The Class Tonight

Just got done watching How I Met Your Mother and while there was one aspect that I did not like, overall it was so, so good.

I LOVED Barney's play, seriously I was laughing so hard that I almost hurt myself and then when Marshall punched him in the ender saying "that's two" ... MAGNIFICENT in-joke. Just fucking hysterical!!!!!!!!!!! He's got three left!!!

Obviously, the thing I didn't like was Ted/Robin. I just don't like them, and am just icked out by the whole conceit of him telling his kids this and Robin ain't their mother. And of course, I still want Robin/Barney. Sigh. Hopefully, hopefully the end will be soon for Robin/Ted. I did however think the whole turning into exes was really interesting and well done. Yet again, this show does stuff that I don't expect to see on any other comedy.

Eh episode, I still fastforward the Duncan/Nicole scenes. And love the Ethan/Kat stuff. I kinda rather wish they hadn't gone here so quickly about the romantic angle to Kat/Ethan, but it was just slightly hinted at I expect we'll get some great Ethan pathetic neediness coming up and that'll be fun.
Tags: brotp, himym, the class, tv

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